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The CIA and Enemy of the State – The CIA and Hollywood 04 - Good friend Adam joins us to discuss the 1998 action thriller Enemy of the State, and its unprecedented 'revelation' of surveillance technology. We talk about how the film has a rogue's gallery of technical advisers - including Chase Brandon and Marty Keiser - and how this led to one of the most spectacular depictions of the NSA and the spy state in general. Following from this we analysed the likely purpose in the CIA masking themselves as the NSA in the film, and how this has scuppered the progress of any serious dialogue about mass surveillance.
The CIA’s Nest of Vipers at Sony Pictures - Last autumn's hack of Sony Pictures achieved several things - promoting their comedy film The Interview, creating a minor political storm that increased tensions with North Korea, and helping to cement the increasingly solid relationship between the White House, Hollywood and the intelligence services.
The CIA and The Recruit – The CIA and Hollywood episode 03 - Aaron Franz joined in the conversation as we looked at the film The Recruit, which more than any other film we’re covering in this season was moulded by CIA entertainment liaison Chase Brandon.  Like so many films, it tells the story of a young person inducted into a secret world with secret rules and codes […]
The CIA and Robert De Niro – The CIA and Hollywood episode 02 - Guillermo Jimenez joins us for this episode to talk about Robert De Niro – a man whose relationship with the CIA spans two decades.  We look at four films – Wag the Dog, Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers and The Good Shepherd, the latter three of which have documented CIA assistance in their production.  […]
The CIA and George Orwell – The CIA and Hollywood episode 01 - In this opening episode of the new series Pearse and Tom look into the CIA’s adaptations of George Orwell’s two most famous novels – Animal Farm and 1984.  We focus primarily on Animal Farm, a revolutionary animated film in several senses of the word, produced by Louis De Rochemont – a man who had worked […]
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