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CIA documents on assisting Patriot Games - 1992's Patriot Games was one of the first major films to receive explicit CIA production assistance. It is well known that Tom Clancy, the author of the book, had a positive relationship with the Agency. Clancy's books finally achieved a long-held Agency ambition - to provide a CIA-friendly equivalent to the James Bond franchise. When Tom Clancy died nearly 2 years ago I filed a large number of FOIA requests with various US government agencies. I received, after nearly 2 years, 3 documents, 2 of which are letters from Paramount to the CIA. The third is an internal memo advising that the filmmakers should be granted assistance in making Patriot Games.
ClandesTime episode 056 – Covert Currency War? Or It’s all gone a bit Pacific Rim - The recent explosions in Tianjin, Quingdao and at a US military base in Japan have grabbed a lot of attention and inspired conspiracy theories. In this episode I offer a brief meditation on what the real story is, and how the alt media has no interest in it, and present a radical alternative theory connecting explosions in China and Japan and the recent skirmish on the Korean border.
The 1993 World Trade Center Bombing – Tom Secker on The Opperman Report - Ed Opperman invited me on The Opperman Report to talk about the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. In this very fun conversation we discussed the question of FBI informant Emad Salem, and how he was pulled out of the WTC bombing gang 6 months before the blast. We also look at probable CIA assets the Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman and Ali Mohamed, and how their role was covered up in all the arguments over Salem. We rounded off by discussing my book and some problems with the alt media discussion of false flag events.
Disinfowars 15 – False Flag Ops in WW2 - Continuing our exploration into the origins and development of false flag operations, this week we look at World War 2 and the British Double Cross System. Run by an Oxford academic, this system was set up to detect Nazi agents as they landed in Britain and turn them into double agents working for the British. To help maintain the cover the Special Operations Executive carried out false flag sabotage attacks, to give the appearance that the agents were still loyal to the Nazis and carrying out their missions. Using MI5 documents from the period this episode examines how senior security service officials discussed how these bombings caused a useful 'stimulation of security consciousness' which in turn caused an 'increase in security', just like the Gladio operations that came in the following decades.
Disinfowars 14 – The Ireland – 7/7 Connection - The War on Terror in Ireland never truly ended, it simply evolved into a new, updated and more sophisticated War on Terror. In this episode I look the connections between the black operations being run by the British deep state in Northern Ireland and the 7/7 London bombings of 2005. I offer the view that 7/7 was a 'pure false flag' and focus in on two figures - Martin McDaid, a former special forces commando who ran a radical Islamic bookshop, and Samantha Lewthwaite, who was the wife of the one of the alleged suicide bombers. Both of these people were intimately involved in the 7/7 backstory, and both have the profiles and biographies of agents working for MI5. I analyse the 'intelligence failures' around McDaid and explore whether his and Lewthwaite's mission was to manipulate the four men into a position where they could be blamed for an atrocity that they did not commit.


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