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ClandesTime 053 – The 7/7 London Bombings, Ten Years On - I look back on the 2005 London bombings and explain why I think the 7/7 movement failed. From predictive programming to infiltration, from bigoted truth celebrities to propaganda, I offer my take on why the effort to bring about a proper investigation of the London bombings did not succeed. This is a cautionary tale that involves quite a lot of swearing.
Disinfowars 8 – The Politics of Fear - Today, almost all politics are a politics of fear, and almost all policies are defended and excused through some notion of 'security'. Fear-therefore-security is the dominant political dynamic of our time. This week I take a look at these concepts, exploring whether all politics is a politics of fear, and offering examples of when this can work well and when it can work very badly. I focus in on the recent general election in the UK, showing how every candidate, even those offering some degree of real opposition, are all engaged in a politics of fear and security.
ClandesTime episode 052 – Silicon Valley - I welcome back Pearse Redmond to talk about the sitcom Silicon Valley, which has just finished its second season. Unlike most of the media we discuss on ClandesTime, this show was not state-sponsored, but it is inspired by real people and real events. We talked about the main characters and what they represent, as well as the underlying themes including transhumanism and corporate cults.
Disinfowars 7 – The Ethics of Private Investigation - This week I talk to Ed Opperman, a private investigator, author and the host of the radio show The Opperman Report. We discuss the moral challenges of investigation, asking whether private investigators are any more ethical than regular police. Ed shares some stories from his decades working in this field, before we move on and discuss how this applies to the alternative and web-based research subculture.
ClandesTime episode 051 – Bilderberg 2015: Does Anyone Give a Fuck? - I reflect on the annual alternative media coverage of the Bilderberg meeting and ask whether the people who participate in this ritualistic behaviour really care about the subject matter. I consider whether the group's gradual unveiling over the last 20 years is a deliberate process, and what this says about them. In this episode I also briefly look back at Alex Jones' film Endgame as an example of tabloid reportage on the Bilderberg Group.
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