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What the CIA thinks of Spy Films (including some of their own) - Like all of us, the CIA are not averse to reading books and watching films and then sharing their opinions about them on the internet. Unlike most of us the CIA have an online journal - Studies in Intelligence - where they like to post their views about things. In one Special Review Supplement in summer 2009 they reviewed several books and films in the spy-fi genre.
Disinfowars 4 – How the Cold War became the War on Terror - This week I present a mini-documentary on the rise of the neocons in the 1970s and how they turned Cold War paranoia into War on Terror paranoia. I look at the people and organisations involved: Henry Jackson and the Coalition for a Democratic Majority, Richard Pipes and Team B, the reformed Committee on the Present Danger and how this all ties in with the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism in 1979. After the conference, once the neocons had regained control of the White House, the CIA fully committed to the new 'threat from international terrorism' and began cooking the books on the numbers. The mini-documentary rounds off by show how the legacy of the 1970s neocon network still exists, and persists in propagating the politics of paranoia.
Disinfowars 3 – The Ideological Origins of the War on Terror - This is the third episode of my new podcast for Boiling Frogs Post. This is a weekly show that is only available to BFP subscribers. In the first of a three-part series I look into the 1979 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism, where the ideology of the current War on Terror was conceived. I focus in on Benjamin Netanyahu, who hosted the conference and later wrote a book on all the major speeches and discussion. I round off by tracing the legacy of this conference via the example of the original Mohammed cartoons controversy in 2005.
Disinfowars episode 2 – How to Avoid the Abyss - This is the second episode of my new podcast for Boiling Frogs Post. This is a weekly show that is only available to BFP subscribers. In this following on from the last episode I had a casual late night chat with Guillermo Jimenez of De-Manufacturing Consent. We picked up on some of the ideas and comments on the previous episode and fleshed them out, talking about our own experiences of trying to maintain sanity while investigating the insane.
The CIA’s TV Network - In the years before 9/11 the CIA invaded the entertainment industry. In the years after those attacks this relationship became more pronounced and overt. While it is not as influential as their Hollywood operations, the CIA's role in small-screen productions is still quite pronounced. Of course, a full list of productions is not available but we can piece together much of the picture.
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