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Disinfowars 12 – The Troubles - In this episode I explore The Troubles, beginning with the background of the struggle for Irish independence going back over a century. I outline how the struggle has always gone through its peaceful, political phases and its revolutionary violent phases. In every violent phase the British deep state has responded by enhancing the power of the security services. I pick up the story in some detail in the 1970s, when the British Military Reconnaissance Force (MRF), an intelligence unit, recruited, trained, equipped and radicalized Loyalist paramilitaries to fight against the Republicans. Meanwhile, everyone and his son was infiltrating the Irish Republican Army (IRA), who were being quite openly funded by Irish Americans. I look at the techniques of the 'own goal', a type of disguised bombing, and the 'OOB' or 'Out of Bounds' broadcast, a means for protecting black operations. I round off by briefly explaining the case of Patrick Finucane, a human rights lawyer murdered in collusion with the British state.
Disinfowars 11 – How to use the Freedom of Information Act - As a keen user of the Freedom of Information Act I have filed many requests over the years. This week I delve into some of my personal experiences with FOIA requests explaining what worked and what didn't, which requests were successful and unsuccessful, and why. I discuss the latest success: getting over 1600 pages of new material from the Pentagon's entertainment propaganda office, how it came about and why it was successful. I finish up by offering some advice to people making FOIA requests, in the hope of helping to maximise their chances of getting useful material released.
ClandesTime 054 – Why I hate the Media - I reflect on my recent experiences with the media, both mainstream and alternative, and what they say about the state of both. From a Huffington Post journalist who wanted me to play the conspiracy theorist in his anniversary article to the alternative media's utter dumbwittedness in inaccurately reporting on a recent FOIA success, this is another one of those shows where I complain a lot. But on the plus side the outro song is very danceable.
Disinfowars 10 – 9/11 and Gladio B - From triple agents training terrorists in the mountains of Turkey to the CIA cable that was never sent, this episode examines the context around 9/11 to identify several people and part of the story of how the 9/11 attacks were a Gladio operation. I focus in on two of the supposed hijackers - Nawaf Al Hazmi and Khalid Al Mihdhar - and their connections to intelligence assets Luai Sakra and Anwar Al Awlaki, and how the CIA's failure to notify the FBI about them is a strong indication that information was being compartmentalised to enable and protect this black operation.
Biggest ever FOIA release from Pentagon Entertainment Liaison Offices - In the biggest public release of documents from the DOD's propaganda office I recently received over 1500 pages of new material. Just under 1400 pages come from the US Army's Entertainment Liaison Office: regular activity reports covering January 2010 to April 2015. Another over 100 pages of reports come from the US Air Force's office, covering 2013. This is the largest and most up-to-date release of documents from the world of Entertainment Liaison Offices.


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