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Profile: Stella Rimington

Born: 13 May 1935 Died: n/a Intelligence involvement: 27 year career in MI5, Director General of MI5 1992-1996 Culture involvement: Author of popular Liz Carlyle spy novels. Bio:  Dame Stella Rimington was born in South London to a working class family in 1935.  After working as an archivist for several years ...
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James Bond a moral standard according to High Court

A recent ruling by the High Court has established that the behaviour of fictional spy James Bond is now an acceptable benchmark for the behaviour of real spies in the real world.  The ruling concerned a case being brought by several political activists who formed sexual relationships with people they ...
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Superman and the CIA

In October 2000 the actor Dean Cain, well known for playing Superman in the TV version (Lois and Clarke in the US, The New Adventures of Superman in the UK), visited CIA headquarters.  He went there with TV producer Craig Piligian, best known for 'reality TV' dross Survivor. They were ...
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Patrick Stewart’s Visit to CIA HQ

In 1997 actor Patrick Stewart paid a visit to CIA headquarters in Langley.  The edition of What's News at CIA begins with a quote from Stewart saying, 'I'm honored to be here and I commend what you do.'  The publication goes on to note how Stewart played Karla in a ...
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CIA documents on In The Company of Spies

In 1999 Showtime/Paramount Network Television produced a made-for-TV film about a CIA agent called In the Company of Spies.  It starred Alice Krige and Tom Berenger and was a relatively predictable story where an agent has to come out of retirement to resolve the jeopardy.  The production enjoyed great co-operation ...
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Review: Zero Dark Thirty

The Oscar nominations have been announced and despite much hope on this side of the pond there is no place for Skyfall in the Best Picture category. There is, however, a place for not one but two spy films telling good old fashioned patriotic tales: Argo and Zero Dark Thirty ...
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CIA on recruiting Jennifer Garner

In 2004 the CIA used the popular TV actress and star of CIA drama Alias Jennifer Garner in a recruitment video to be shown at colleges and similar venues.  The video was made available for a time on their website though is sadly no longer accessible. Garner was not paid ...
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Zero Dark Thirty – the CIA and DOD files

The film Zero Dark Thirty about the 'Bin Laden raid' in Abbottabad in May 2011 enjoyed an unprecedented degree of official co-operation in its production, notably from the CIA and the DOD.  Judicial Watch, a conservative lobbying organisation, obtained copies of emails between the writer and director of the film, ...
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Profile: W Somerset Maugham

Born: 25 January 1874 Died: 16 December 1965 Intelligence involvement: Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) during World War One. Culture involvement: Author of popular plays, novels and short stories. Reputedly the best paid author of the 1930s. Bio: William Somerset Maugham was born into a diplomatically connected family, indeed he was ...
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Profile: Victor Rothschild

Born: 31 October 1910 Died: 20 March 1990 Intelligence involvement: Worked for MI5 during World War Two. Culture involvement: N/A Bio:  Nathaniel Mayer Victor Rothschild was born into the illustrious and notorious Rothschild family in London.  He was educated at Harrow School and Trinity College, Cambridge.  There he joined the ...
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