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FBI file on Ray Bradbury

The FBI recently released their file on popular author and screenwriter Ray Bradbury.  Like so many involved in popular culture in the mid-late 20th century, Bradbury was investigated due to suspicions that he was involved with Communism. The file is mostly a litany of diversions and pointless investigations.  For example, ...
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Jack the Ripper and the FBI

In 1988 Cosgrove-Meurer Productions were producing a TV mini-series about the notorious Jack the Ripper murders of exactly 100 years earlier.  Their show claimed to have gained unprecedented access to official files on the case but ended up advancing a commonly-believed theory linking the murders to the British Royal Family ...
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Profile: Frederick Forsyth

Born: 25 August 1938 Died: N/A Intelligence involvement: Occasional work for MI6.  Served in the RAF. Culture involvement: Author of widely read and acclaimed thrillers most notably The Day of the Jackal, Icon and The Odessa File. Many of these books were subsequently adapted for the big screen. Bio:  Frederick ...
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Profile: William Melville

Born: 25 April 1850 Died: 1 February 1918 Intelligence involvement: Superintendent of Scotland Yard Special Branch (1893-1903), Secret Service Bureau (exact dates unknown) Culture involvement: Was the subject of much of Patrick McIntyre's memoir about Special Branch. Subject of an acclaimed biography 'M: MI5's first spymaster'. Possible basis for the ...
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Profile: Ian Fleming

Born: 28 May 1908 Died: 12 August 1964 Intelligence involvement: British Naval Intelligence.  Possible work for MI5. Culture involvement: Author of world famous James Bond spy novels.  Naval Intelligence exploits fictionalised in 2011 film Age of Heroes. Bio:  Ian Lancaster Fleming was born to a wealthy family.  His father was ...
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Why ISC’s new powers are impotent

27/12/2012 Buried in the Boxing Day news is a story about the ISC (the Intelligence and Security Committee, who supposedly oversee MI5, MI6 and GCHQ) and their new powers to obtain information from the British security services. Whereas previously the ISC merely had the ability to 'request' information they can ...
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Review: Skyfall

Skyfall, the latest film in the James Bond franchise has so far been a huge commercial and critical success.  Heralded by many as the best Bond film ever, it has made over $950 million.  Adjusting for inflation, this makes it second only to Thunderball, the only Bond film to, in ...
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Fresh calls for Pat Finucane Inquiry

I was alerted to this story via an anonymous text message I received last night from an unknown number, but yesterday the head of the opposition in the UK parliament, Labour party leader Ed Miliband, called for a public inquiry into the assassination of Belfast human rights lawyer Pat Finucane ...
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Bond movies getting more violent over time, says new study

A newly released study from Otago University in New Zealand shows that Quantum of Solace was over twice as violent as the inaugural Bond film Dr No. Bond, James Bond: A Review of 46 Years of Violence in Films found that, 'Dr No only featured 109 trivial or severely violent ...
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