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Profile: Alfred Hitchcock

Born: 13 August 1899 Died: 29 April 1980 Intelligence involvement: Believed he was spied on by the FBI during or after the production of Notorious, is the subject of an FBI file but from a later period. Culture involvement: World famous film director, largely created the spy film genre in ...
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‘Female James Bond’ goes on trial for murder

In a case that sounds like it is straight out of a Hollywood cop thriller novel a female enforcer called Kelly Soo Park has gone on trial for the murder of Maxim model and aspiring actress Juliana Redding.  Redding was found strangled to death in her apartment only days after a ...
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CIA memo on rewriting Zero Dark Thirty script

We already knew that the CIA's Office of Public Affairs was integrally involved in the production of Zero Dark Thirty, the Boal and Bigelow retelling of the 'Bin Laden raid'.  A newly released memo details that during several conference calls with screenwriter Mark Boal in October-December 2011 he 'verbally shared' ...
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CIA internal history of Argo/the Canadian Caper

Argo, the recent Oscar-winning film directed by and starring Ben Affleck tells the story of the 1979-80 Canadian Caper used to exfiltrate 6 US diplomats from revolutionary Iran.  When student revolutionaries took control of the US embassy in Tehran in early November 1979 all the diplomats (and spies) they found ...
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Profile: Robert Bruce Lockhart

Born: 2 September 1887 Died: 27 February 1970 Intelligence involvement: Worked for the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS/MI6) during WW1 and was director general of the Police Warfare Executive in WW2.   Culture involvement: Prolific writer, including Memoirs of a British Agent in 1932 about his WW1 exploits, which was adapted into the ...
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Profile: Sidney Reilly

Born: 24 March 1873 Died: 5 November 1925 Intelligence involvement: Worked for British Special Branch, the Secret Service Bureau and the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS/MI6).  Also reportedly doubled for Japan, Germany and Imperial Russia. Culture involvement: Exploits retold many times, notably in Memoirs of a British Agent and its film adaptation British ...
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Profile: Stella Rimington

Born: 13 May 1935 Died: n/a Intelligence involvement: 27 year career in MI5, Director General of MI5 1992-1996 Culture involvement: Author of popular Liz Carlyle spy novels. Bio:  Dame Stella Rimington was born in South London to a working class family in 1935.  After working as an archivist for several years ...
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James Bond a moral standard according to High Court

A recent ruling by the High Court has established that the behaviour of fictional spy James Bond is now an acceptable benchmark for the behaviour of real spies in the real world.  The ruling concerned a case being brought by several political activists who formed sexual relationships with people they ...
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Superman and the CIA

In October 2000 the actor Dean Cain, well known for playing Superman in the TV version (Lois and Clarke in the US, The New Adventures of Superman in the UK), visited CIA headquarters.  He went there with TV producer Craig Piligian, best known for 'reality TV' dross Survivor. They were ...
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Patrick Stewart’s Visit to CIA HQ

In 1997 actor Patrick Stewart paid a visit to CIA headquarters in Langley.  The edition of What's News at CIA begins with a quote from Stewart saying, 'I'm honored to be here and I commend what you do.'  The publication goes on to note how Stewart played Karla in a ...
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