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Jimi Hendrix FBI File

The FBI's file on James Marshall Hendrix aka Jimi Hendrix is a brief but entertaining example of the Bureau having too much time on their hands and not enough to do.  After Hendrix was arrested in Toronto in 1969 'after a quantity of marijuana was found in his shaving kit' ...
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Subscriber Podcast #3 – Rogue One: A Star Wars Cash-In

In this month's podcast for patreon subscribers I review Rogue One: A Star Wars Cash-In.  The film is a spy movie/war movie about the rebellion stealing the plans for the Death Star and has a much darker tone and grittier visuals than most Star Wars films.  The problems arise mostly ...
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Carol For Another Christmas – Tom Secker on PPR

Pearse invited me on his radio show to discuss the 1964 TV movie A Carol for Another Christmas.  This was the first in a series of TV films designed to promote the United Nations and sponsored by the Xerox corporation.  A Carol for Another Christmas is a remake of A ...
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ClandesTime 095 – The CIA and Top Chef

The CIA finally jumped on the cooking-themed reality TV propaganda bandwagon in 2010 when they hosted an episode of Top Chef. This week we take a look at the episode in question, how it flattered the CIA, and how Top Chef has involved numerous government agencies and departments. We round ...
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Tom Secker on The Ripple Effect

I recently talked to Ricky Varandas for his podcast The Ripple Effect.  We were supposed to be discussing government involvement in entertainment but got distracted and ended up talking about: whether popularity matters; Trump and Brexit and why people voted for them; the differences and similarities between American and British ...
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Pentagon Production Assistance Agreement for United 93

United 93 was the first and - to date - the only major movie to depict what happened in the skies over the US on the morning of the 9/11 attacks.   The film-makers intended it to be as accurate and realistic as possible, so they reached out to the Pentagon ...
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ClandesTime 094 – How Many Films has the Pentagon Supported?

The Department of Defense is the government agency with the largest and most influential operations in Hollywood. But to how many films have they provided production assistance? How many movies have they supported? In this episode we explore the answer to this question, why it is so difficult to answer ...
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Subscriber podcast #2 – Fake News and The Brink

In this subscriber-only podcast I talk about the new book I am working on, the fake news hype of recent weeks and review nuclear war sitcom The Brink.  This podcast is only available to supporters of my patreon campaign.  Click the link below to go to my patreon page and ...
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Pentagon Production Assistance Agreements for Transformers

Despite only producing 4 films so far the Transformers series is already one of the top 10 movie series of all time.  In a paradox that encapsulates much of Hollywood, it appears that the worse the Transformers films get the better they do at the box office.  These production assistance ...
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ClandesTime 093 – The Pentagon and the Cinematic Universe

In less than 10 years Marvel has created the biggest money-making film franchise of all time with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, this probably wouldn't have been possible without the help of the Pentagon. In this episode we examine the rise of the MCU, the Pentagon's involvement, and the fallout ...
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