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ClandesTime 090 – Elections as National Trauma

Today we welcome back Robbie Martin of Media Roots and A Very Heavy Agenda to discuss the psychological impact of the most fierce and fearful US election in recent memory. We discuss the polarisation both in the US over the presidential election and in the UK over the EU referendum, ...
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Did the Dept. of Energy invent the ‘Making Of’ video?

The Department of Energy has a minor but interesting role in the history of Hollywood, providing shooting locations for Tron (1982) and Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  I am still awaiting documents on Star Trek but the DoE have provided me with another of ...
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National Guard emails on Brüno

2009's Brüno is probably the most shallow of Sacha Baron Cohen's movies, based almost solely around the comedy of irritation and embarrassment. However, the story of its production is quite fascinating and a great example of how to get the state to accidentally or unwittingly sponsor your movie.  Emails from ...
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UN Make Wonder Woman an Ambassador

This isn't just getting out of hand - it's out of hand.  You did not read this incorrectly, the United Nations have made Wonder Woman an honorary ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls.  Presumably that's because the UN thinks that actually empowering women and girls is best associated ...
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ClandesTime 089 – Conspiracy Theories: The Moon Landings

I don't believe any of the alternative theories about the moon landings but this week I thought it would be fun to explore some of the arguments around these seminal events.  We begin by looking at some of the arguments people have made in support of the conspiracy theories and ...
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The CIA’s James Bond File

The CIA has had an interest in James Bond almost since its inception as a series of novels in the 1950s.  The books were probably the first spy fiction to refer to the CIA by name and to depict them through the character of Felix Leiter.  This led to a ...
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ClandesTime 088 – Roar

Roar is a truly unique piece of cinema, possibly the most dangerous and brave and crazy film ever made.   This week I take a look at this fascinating production which took 11 years to make, cost over $15 million and put most of its cast and crew in the hospital.  ...
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CIA Documents on Scorpio – The First Movie to Film at Langley

Scorpio holds the dubious distinction of being the first film to be allowed to shoot at the CIA headquarters in Langley.  Since then the likes of Patriot Games and Argo are among a very small number to have been granted that privilege.  It has otherwise been overlooked in favour of ...
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ClandesTime 087 – Rorschach Politics and the US Election

This has been a presidential election campaign like no other, where both sides are cynically exploiting identity politics and the loathsome nature of their opponent to try to seize political capital.  In this episode I try to offer a new take on the election and outline a concept I'm calling ...
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FBI investigated Richard Condon over The Manchurian Candidate

Author and publicist Richard Condon is best remembered for writing The Manchurian Candidate - a biting futuristic satire in which a Medal of Honor winning soldier is brainwashed by the Soviets to try to assassinate the US president.  The FBI files on Condon and his most famous book draw numerous ...
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