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Hyperreality in the Homeland – Operation Virtual Gladio

A new report by Facebook's Threat Intelligence team says that the site is rife with fake accounts spreading fake news stories for political, social, cultural and economic reasons.  Viewers of the recent season of Homeland will be thinking 'no shit'.  Then they'll be thinking 'wait, Facebook produces intelligence assessments just ...
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Air Force One – Tom Secker on Uncle the Podcast

Uncle and Aaron invited me back to drink Hoegaarden and discuss the movie Air Force One.  This typically chaotic discussion focused on how the Air Force rewrote parts of the film in exchange for their support, why Hoegaarden reminds me of happy times, and how terrorists open locked doors on ...
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Homeland Season 6 finale – Tom Secker on PPR

In our final analysis and review for Homeland season 6 Pearse and I dissect the last two episodes, looking at the shifting loyalties and role reversals around the attempted assassination of the president-elect.  We look at how Homeland has latched onto a number of ideas that have become popular in ...
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Alt Truth and the Deep State on Homeland – Tom Secker on PPR

In our latest dissection of season 6 of Homeland, I joined Pearse on Porkins Policy Radio to discuss the latest few episodes.  With the revelation that Dar Adal has been running a sock puppet click farm to manipulate US public opinion, Homeland has dragged this season right up to date.  ...
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Spy Culture in the American Journal of Economics and Sociology

It is with some pride that I can announce that the American Journal of Economics and Sociology has today published an edition featuring not just one, not just one and a half but two articles that I wrote.  The latest issue of AJES focuses on the role of the CIA ...
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WTC Bombing and the Death of the Blind Sheikh – Tom Secker on PPR

This week I joined Pearse on his radio show to revisit the 1993 WTC bombing, in light of the recent anniversary and the death of former CIA asset the Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman.  Via PPR: Tom Secker joins me for a discussion of the 24th anniversary of World Trade ...
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