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Subscriber Podcast #4 – The Spy Novel that Predicted Trump

The Twentieth Day in January was published in 1980 and tells the story of an MI6 officer discovering that the Russian government is blackmailing the incoming president. In this subscriber-only podcast we take a look at the book and dwell a little on its implications, and I offer my views ...
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Exercises and False Flag Terror – Tom Secker on The Mind Renewed

Julian of The Mind Renewed invited me back onto his show to discuss the link between false flag terrorism and training exercises.  While this is usually talked about in a very simplistic and historically ignorant way, the method of using a drill or training exercise to cover for a black ...
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Central Intelligence – Tom Secker on Uncle the Podcast

I triumphantly returned to my favourite comedy show Uncle the Podcast to review the film Central Intelligence.  The movie stars The Rock and Kevin Hart in a zany buddy comedy about a mild-mannered accountant who is drawn into the world of CIA black operations.  To my knowledge Central Intelligence had ...
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Homeland Season 6 – Tom Secker on Porkins Policy Radio

This week I joined Pearse to talk about the beginning of the new season of Homeland, and how it isn't quite what we expected.  The entire 6th season is set between the US presidential election and inauguration day and while the president-elect is female, she is no Hitlery Clinton.  Instead ...
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Review: Spies Episode 1

Spies is the 'new' game show from Channel 4.  I say 'new' because it's a blow-for-blow remake of the 2004 BBC series Spy, which also took a small group of members of the public and had three former spooks put them through their paces via a series of tests and ...
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Subscriber Podcast #3 – Rogue One: A Star Wars Cash-In

In this month's podcast for patreon subscribers I review Rogue One: A Star Wars Cash-In.  The film is a spy movie/war movie about the rebellion stealing the plans for the Death Star and has a much darker tone and grittier visuals than most Star Wars films.  The problems arise mostly ...
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