CIA files on Uri Geller

Published September 5th 2013 | Tags: , , ,

Renowned spoon-bender and remote viewer Uri Geller was, alongside his stage and TV career, one of the world’s weirdest spies.  From the 1970s until at least the 1990s he participated in a series of experiments at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) aimed at testing and potentially weaponising ‘psychic’ abilities.  While it is not clear whether those funding the experiments – including the CIA, DIA and the Pentagon – had a hand in turning Geller into one of the world’s most famous paranormal performers, his central involvement in the experiments is indisputable.

Many documents outlining these experiments have now been released and the following are just a taster, but they provide a reasonable overview of the SRI’s work and Geller’s involvement.  You can download a chronology of significant events in the development of the program here (PDF, 505KB), a research proposal here (PDF, 1.99MB), a progress report here (PDF, 1.01MB), a report on remote viewing experiments here (PDF, 861KB) and a report on an experiment where another participant had to try to remotely identify and draw Uri Geller here (PDF, 124KB).

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