Spy Culture Documents

Files and documents on military, intelligence and other government involvement in and support to the entertainment industry.

British Police began vetting film scripts in 1946 – but feared losing ‘aura of secrecy and glamour’

In post-war Britain the Metropolitan Police were concerned about how they were being portrayed in films so they instituted a policy of vetting film scripts.  However, they were concerned that by seeking a more public profile and engaging with the film industry that they would lose the 'aura of secrecy ...
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Like a Blind Man at an Orgy, I was Going to Have to Feel Things Out

In 1961 the FBI conducted a brief investigation into Lieutenant Frank Drebin, better known as actor Leslie Nielsen.  A request arrived from the Canadian authorities so the Bureau found the women they mentioned and asked her about Nielsen, who she said she hadn't seen in over a decade.  Another day ...
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Prince’s FBI File Release Proves the Bureau Favours Mainstream Media FOIA Requests

The Bureau recently released some documents on Prince in response to FOIA requests from numerous media outlets, including Spy Culture.  In the last few days Jezebel, Vanity Fair and other major outlets have reported on this, but at the time of writing it appears MuckRock have yet to receive their ...
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Security Gone Bananas for the Filming of Star Trek

Code names, vehicle searches, non-disclosure agreements, escorts for foreign nationals - when the producers of Star Trek: Into Darkness wanted to film at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, they probably weren't expecting this.  Newly-released Dept. of Energy documents show the absurd level of security around the filming and how a ...
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The Movie Producer and the Israeli Nuclear Smuggling Ring

Arnon Milchan is the Hollywood mogul behind films as diverse as JFK, Pretty Woman, Brazil, Fight Club, LA Confidential and Alvin and the Chipmunks.  He was also an Israeli spy involved in smuggling equipment for the development of nuclear weapons.  Milchan has spoken publicly about his role in this scandal, ...
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J Edgar Hoover Didn’t Like Federal Dick

The FBI's involvement in Hollywood began in the early 1930s - before it was even called the FBI.  In 1933 MGM approached the Bureau about producing a series of short films based on real-life criminal cases.  They were provided access to Bureau files and in exchange agreed to let J ...
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