FBI informants committed over 5600 crimes in one year

Published August 6th 2013 | Tags: , , ,

A recently obtained report covering the year 2011 shows that FBI informants carried out 5658 acts of ‘Otherwise Illegal Activity’ (OIA) that were pre-approved by their Bureau handlers. All the detail in the report, such as which field offices approved how many acts of OIA, are redacted.

However, the DOJ guidelines on handling informants makes it clear that ‘tier 1 OIA’ includes, “any activity that would constitute a misdemeanor or felony under federal, state, or local law if engaged in by a person acting without authorization and that involves the commission or the significant risk of the commission of certain offenses, including acts of violence; corrupt conduct by senior federal, state, or local public officials; or the manufacture, importing, exporting, possession, or trafficking in controlled substances of certain quantities.”

As such we can assume that among these 5658 crimes in 2011 are acts of violence, corruption of public officials and the manufacture and smuggling of drugs. You can download the FBI 2011 Annual Otherwise Illegal Activity report from 2011 here (PDF, 74kb) and the DOJ’s guidelines on informants here (PDF, 4mb).

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