‘Female James Bond’ goes on trial for murder

Published May 14th 2013 | Tags: , ,

In a case that sounds like it is straight out of a Hollywood cop thriller novel a female enforcer called Kelly Soo Park has gone on trial for the murder of Maxim model and aspiring actress Juliana Redding.  Redding was found strangled to death in her apartment only days after a business deal between her father and Park’s boss Dr. Munir Uwaydah fell through.

The prosecution case looks relatively strong as Park’s DNA was found on the victim’s body and in her apartment.  Other more circumstantial evidence strongly suggests she was sent there by Uwaydah to intimidate Redding, though whether the murder was pre-planned and wholly intentional will likely be one of the major contested points of the trial.

In material that will likely not see the trial due to hearsay rules, the prosecution cite testimony that Uwaydah used Park as an enforcer to bully, threaten or otherwise intimidate people, and had done so for some time.  He even boasted that she was a ‘James Bond’, which may indicate that she was a contract killer.  You can download the prosecution’s Motion to Admit Evidence of Other Conduct regarding Kelly Soo Park here (PDF, 9.2MB).

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