National GeoSpatial Intelligence Agency response to FOIA request

Published January 11th 2015 | Tags: ,

As part of the Fun with FOIA project I submitted a requests to the National GeoSpatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) and this is their response.  I asked for a list of all films and TV shows they had been involved with, and the ‘list’ they provided is some kind of extract from a database.  The entries do not make it clear whether they are training films, or just records of specific formal events, or entertainment films and TV shows so it is difficult to understand exactly what they are including.

For example, there are several entries for the ‘LGBT Summit’ which has no obvious connection to the NGA, other entries on The Hatch Act, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the hunt for Aimal Kasi – the man who shot up the entrance to CIA headquarters back in the 1990s.  Most of these entries do look like in-house training videos and the length of time it has taken for the NGA to respond suggests further inquiries are futile.  You can download the NGA’s response to my FOIA request here (PDF).

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