ClandesTime Podcast with Tom Secker

Regular podcast featuring film and book reviews and investigations into government, military and intelligence involvement in popular culture.

Subscriber Podcast #7 – The Pentagon and Political Correctness

In this month's subscriber-only podcast I look at the notion that Hollywood is a liberal propaganda machine supported by the government.  Looking through the reports of the Pentagon's Entertainment Liaison Offices I find examples where a socially and politically conservative agenda, not a liberal agenda, is encouraged, enhanced and promoted ...
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ClandesTime 107 – An Alternative History of Al Qaeda: The TRADEBOM Investigation

This week we take a look at TRADEBOM, the FBI's investigation into the World Trade Center bombing.   We examine how the case broke after one of the bombers foolishly went back to the rental company to try to get a refund on the van they had blown up.  Then we ...
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ClandesTime 106 – An Alternative History of Al Qaeda: The FBI and the WTC bombing

The WTC bombing in 1993 was a massive embarrassment for the Bureau.  It emerged at the resulting trials that the Bureau had an informant deep within the Al Kifah group, but fired him months before the bombing took place.  This week we take a closer look at Emad Salem, the ...
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ClandesTime 105 – An Alternative History of Al Qaeda: The Blind Sheikh

The Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman was an Egyptian cleric who played a critical role in the early years of Al Qaeda.  Rahman and his followers took over the New York branch of the MAK, an international fundraising and recruiting organisation that was central to the CIA's Operation Cyclone.  His ...
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Subscriber Podcast #6 – Under Siege (no, not that one)

In this month's subscriber-only podcast Pearse and I discuss the 1986 TV movie Under Siege. Co-written by former Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward on the surface this is a liberal take on the Reagan White House, but underneath is a profoundly neoconservative film. When terrorists attack the US on a ...
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ClandesTime 104 – An Alternative History of Al Qaeda: The Four Models

Beginning a new series on the history of Al Qaeda, this week I provide the basis for what's coming in the next several episodes.  What is or was Al Qaeda?  Four distinct models have been proposed to try to answer this question so I outline each, drawing on the works ...
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ClandesTime 103 – MI5 Censorship of Panorama

In 1980 the BBC's documentary series Panorama began developing an episode on British intelligence.  This was the first of its kind, at least by such a prominent and respected series, but both the central government and the intelligence agencies were not happy.  Over a period of several months they put ...
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ClandesTime 102 – Was Richard Whiteley a Spy?

Richard Whiteley is best known for presenting the popular afternoon quiz show Countdown, and Ricky Tomlinson is best known for starring in the popular sitcom The Royle Family.  Back in the 1970s things were very different.  This week we examine Tomlinson's recent allegation that Whiteley was a 'member' of the ...
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