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Disinfowars 17 – The Mystery of Martial Bourdin

Published September 9th 2015

Martial Bourdin was an anarchist who accidentally blew himself up near the Greenwich Royal Observatory in London in 1894. This event formed the basis for a book by Joseph Conrad and a film by Alfred Hitchcock, but behind the absurdity and horror lies a familiar tale of secret agents, insider accounts and the advancement of the security state. This week we examine the mystery of the death of Martial Bourdin, the problems of the official record and the secrecy surrounding the infiltration of the anarchist movement in this period. I round off by presenting a theory that could explain what happened, in light of what we have already discussed in this series.

George Orwell MI5 and Special Branch files

Published April 12th 2015

As with virtually every other 20th century writer of significance, George Orwell was on the books of the intelligence services as a suspected Communist. His FBI file only contains material from after his death, but MI5 and Special Branch had tabs on him for 15 years before that. The files begin in 1936, and contain a number of inaccuracies such as the year Orwell was born. Perhaps most telling is a note recording an exchange between MI5 and Special Branch on the precise nature of Orwell’s political views. Those who have read Orwell’s works know he was no Communist, and even the more moderate term ‘Socialist’ doesn’t really apply. Special Branch knew this, because their file includes a press cutting of a review of The Road to Wigan Pier. The review explains Orwell’s complex opinions about Socialism.

ClandesTime 029 – Humanarchy

Published May 4th 2014

In this episode I talk about a new website called Humanarchy, an open source political philosophy project. I discuss some of my own background in philosophy, how I came back to the topic after years researching false flag terrorism and popular culture, the ideas that inspired me to start this project and a basic outline of some of my core political beliefs.