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ClandesTime 085 – WW2 Spies and Hyperreality

Published September 25th 2016

Mutt and Jeff were a pair of Norwegian double agents during WW2, named after the popular cartoon characters. They played a crucial role in deceiving the Nazi intelligence apparatus by taking part in false flag sabotage and deception operations. Several of these operations have very curious codenames including Operation GUY FAWKES and Operation BUNBURY. In this episode I dwell on the relevance of MI5 operations sourcing their codenames from historical and fictional figures. I also analyse how an episode of Spooks in 2002 foreshadowed the declassification of government documents on these WW2 operations, before asking if MI5 are suffering from hyperreality.

Disinfowars 26 – The Power of Nightmares

Published November 28th 2015

The Power of Nightmares was possibly the last great documentary series produced by the BBC. A decade after it was first broadcast I look back at the series, offering a brief review before using this as a basis for analyzing recent events. I discuss the criticism of the filmmaker Adam Curtis for his superficial take on 9/11, before exploring the ‘defection’ of Jamal Al Fadl, an associate of Osama Bin Laden. I also examine author Jason Burke’s claim that ‘Al Qaeda doesn’t exist’ and thus that there is no guiding force behind the globalization of Islamism. I round off by picking up some of the elements that have emerged in the comments section about the attacks in Paris, including the arrest of a mysterious Montenegrin arms dealer on his way to Paris and the emergency service exercise on the morning of the attacks.

Thatcher, the Army boots and Yes, Minister

Published January 2nd 2015

The latest batch of documents released by the UK National Archives includes a file on Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s visit to Northern Ireland in December 1982. Buried within the documents is an exchange about the quality of Army overboots provided to the Bessbrook barracks in County Armagh. Thatcher’s handwritten notes on this letter, aside from expressing her rage at the letter being very late and evasive, describe it as ‘a bureaucratic gem’ and than she will ‘show this to Anthony Jay’, the co-writer of the popular BBC sitcom Yes, Minister and its sequel Yes, Prime Minister.

FBI file on George Orwell

Published April 8th 2014

George Orwell’s FBI file was at one time available on the FBI’s website, but has not been for some years. Other websites that did feature it now come up with dead links. The ‘memory hole’ irony is not lost on any of us, I’m sure. So, it is nice to be able to publish it, obtained despite my FOIA requests to the FBI being refused. The laugh out loud moment comes in the form of a 1955 memo about the film adaptation of Animal Farm by Louis De Rochemont, say he had ‘hit the jackpot’ with his adaptation of Orwell’s story. There is of course no mention of the fact that the film had been funded by the CIA, or that the ending was changed to suit their agenda. It appears the FBI did not know about the CIA’s involvement, which was perhaps the point of De Rochemont writing to them.

ClandesTime 026 – Is the Truth Movement a Cult?

Published April 6th 2014

Joining me to discuss this question is Thomas Sheridan, an artist, philosopher, comedian and author of several books.  We talked about the cultish tendencies in the truth movement and other radical or protest movements and discussed Thomas’s reasons for taking a break from the alternative media and his treatment at the hands of fanatical supporters […]