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BBFC Report: Complaints about violence and torture in Spectre, Kingsman and Minions

Published July 7th 2016

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) recently published its annual report, which details complaints against various movies including Spectre, Kingsman and Minions. As is so often the case, sex and violence were the focus of the complaints, leading the BBFC to explain why they had allowed these scenes into films aimed at young people. The effect of on screen fictional violence in desensitising people towards on screen real violence is an important phenomenon, illustrated well by the public apathy towards war and torture. The significance of Spectre and Kingsman being sponsored by the British state should not be lost on anyone – clearly the Ministry of Defence and the Foreign Office had no problems with these scenes, or just shrugged their shoulders and let the BBFC sort it out at their end.

The Writer with No Hands – Tom Secker and Pearse Redmond on The Opperman Report

Published July 6th 2016

Pearse and I recently appeared on The Opperman Report to chat about The Writer with No Hands, Matthew Alford’s book into the disappearance and probable murder of Hollywood screenwriter Gary Devore. We get into Devore’s connections with the government, the CIA and DOD presence in Hollywood and how that might explain what happened to him. We also discussed the new season of The CIA and Hollywood and Pearse outlines some of the latest Jeffrey Epstein developments and a possible theory of what on earth is going on with the Trump-Epstein-Clinton axis and the Presidential election.

Review: The CIA in Hollywood

Published May 8th 2016

Tricia Jenkins’ The CIA in Hollywood was one of the books that inspired me to start this site, and the recently published second edition expands considerably on the original. Because the CIA is resistant to FOIA requests and other forms of inquiry, Jenkins amassed a wide range of open source materials and interviewed various people both from the CIA (or formerly of the CIA) and from the entertainment industry. The result is an extremely accessible book on how the CIA operates in the film and TV industries and a very well researched academic textbook. For researchers, spy enthusiasts and fans of curios The CIA in Hollywood is not only an important book, but also an intriguing and at times disturbing read.

ClandesTime 077 – Phil Strub: DOD Entertainment Liaison

Published April 17th 2016

Phil Strub has been the Pentagon’s Hollywood liaison since 1989, in which time the entertainment liaison offices have helped produce over 100 films. In this episode we take a closer look at Phil Strub, his background, how he came to be the DOD’s Hollywood liaison and his curious habit of downplaying or minimising the role of the Pentagon in the entertainment industry. We examine his statements in an interview on The Kojo Nnamdi Show and his claims that the DOD weren’t involved in Tomorrow Never Dies and withdrew co-operation from The Avengers. We finish up with a brief look at the recurring themes and worldviews in the films with which Strub and the Pentagon have collaborated.

ClandesTime 076 – Walt Disney and the FBI

Published April 10th 2016

Disney are one of the world’s largest movie studios and producers of entertainment. They have enjoyed this status for decades, recently acquiring both the Star Wars and Marvel franchises, among the most profitable in the cinema industry. The relationship between the corporation and government agencies has been almost continuous for more than half a century. In this episode we look in particular at the relationship between Disney and the FBI, including Walt Disney’s role as an FBI informant and how the FBI shaped Disney propaganda about the Bureau.