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US Embassy Cables on James Bond and Ian Fleming

Published March 12th 2014

The US National Archives digital collections include a selection of US embassy cables from the 1970s, some of which mention James Bond and Ian Fleming. Most of them are records of ongoing covert affairs across the world that simply liken what’s going to ‘a James Bond adventure’ or ‘the stuff of Ian Fleming’. These are interesting because they detail all kinds of nefarious activity from spying to arms smuggling to the CIA’s public image in Japan. Five cables in particular are worthy of closer scrutiny, showing how the State Department intervened to assist the production of The Spy who Loved Me and used one Bond film to try to influence the political situation in Laos.

FBI informants committed over 5600 crimes in one year

Published August 6th 2013

A recently obtained report covering the year 2011 shows that FBI informants carried out 5658 acts of ‘Otherwise Illegal Activity’ (OIA) that were pre-approved by their Bureau handlers. All the detail in the report, such as which field offices approved how many acts of OIA, are redacted. However, the DOJ guidelines on handling informants makes […]

CIA on recruiting Jennifer Garner

Published January 14th 2013

In 2004 the CIA used the popular TV actress and star of CIA drama Alias Jennifer Garner in a recruitment video to be shown at colleges and similar venues. The video was made available for a time on their website though is sadly no longer accessible. Garner was not paid for her time but apparently appeared in the recruitment ad voluntarily, out of a sense of patriotism. Indeed, the casting of an actress known for playing a CIA agent in a CIA recruitment ad did both parties a lot of favours, as it became a story in itself, propelling both Garner and the her heartily pro-CIA message onto Good Morning America and elsewhere.

Profile: Frederick Forsyth

Published January 9th 2013

Born: 25 August 1938 Died: N/A Intelligence involvement: Occasional work for MI6.  Served in the RAF. Culture involvement: Author of widely read and acclaimed thrillers most notably The Day of the Jackal, Icon and The Odessa File. Many of these books were subsequently adapted for the big screen. Bio:  Frederick Forsyth was born to a […]