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Aldous Huxley's FBI File

Aldous Huxley’s FBI File

Like most major 20th century writers the FBI has a brief file on Aldous Huxley - the 'author and social critic' behind Brave New World, Island and The Doors of Perception.  Huxley was never the subject of a Bureau investigation but they kept tabs on some of his public appearances ...
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Secret Government file on Intelligence-Supported Documentary The Red Under the Bed

Secret Government file on Intelligence-Supported Documentary The Red Under the Bed

The 1973 ITV documentary The Red Under the Bed helped convict the Shrewsbury 24 by accusing them of being communists for their role in leading the 1972 Building Workers Strike.  A file from the office of then-Prime Minister Ted Heath confirms that the documentary was not just encouraged by the ...
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ClandesTime 102 - Was Richard Whiteley a Spy?

ClandesTime 102 – Was Richard Whiteley a Spy?

Richard Whiteley is best known for presenting the popular afternoon quiz show Countdown, and Ricky Tomlinson is best known for starring in the popular sitcom The Royle Family.  Back in the 1970s things were very different.  This week we examine Tomlinson's recent allegation that Whiteley was a 'member' of the ...
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The CIA and Hollywood - Tom and Pearse on Black Op Radio

The CIA and Hollywood – Tom and Pearse on Black Op Radio

Pearse and I were recently invited onto Black Op Radio with Len Osanic to talk about The CIA and Hollywood.  We mostly discussed Ed Lansdale's involvement in The Quiet American (1958), which butchered the original book in part as a result of Lansdale's influence on writer/director Joseph Mankiewicz.  We also ...
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ClandesTime 098 - Eric Johnston

ClandesTime 098 – Eric Johnston

Eric Johnston was the second head of the MPAA, a high level political operative and a friend of CIA director Allen Dulles.  In this episode we take a look at his life and work, from his role instituting the Hollywood blacklist to his relationships with the FBI and CIA.  From ...
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ClandesTime 097 - Sterling Hayden

ClandesTime 097 – Sterling Hayden

Sterling Hayden's life encompassed many important events and periods of the 20th century.  A lifelong seaman he joined the Marine Corps and the OSS during World War 2, running smuggling operations to support anti-fascist partisans in Yugoslavia.  He was also a movie star, famously appearing in The Godfather and in ...
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1959 CIA Memo on the 'Elimination' of Castro

1959 CIA Memo on the ‘Elimination’ of Castro

With the death of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro I felt this would be a good time to provide a copy of an important but seldom-read CIA memo from 1959 where they discuss and approve the 'elimination' of Castro.  Shortly after the Cuban revolution Castro visited the United States, speaking ...
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The CIA's James Bond File

The CIA’s James Bond File

The CIA has had an interest in James Bond almost since its inception as a series of novels in the 1950s.  The books were probably the first spy fiction to refer to the CIA by name and to depict them through the character of Felix Leiter.  This led to a ...
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The CIA and Hollywood 15 - SALT

The CIA and Hollywood 15 – SALT

Rounding off this second season we take a look at SALT, the 2010 action thriller starring Angelina Jolie as a CIA officer accused of being a Russian sleeper agent.  We chart the development of the film, from its origins as an attempt to recreate the Bourne franchise, through Amy Pascal ...
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Hunter S Thompson's FBI File

Hunter S Thompson’s FBI File

Author and the creator of gonzo journalism Hunter S Thompson could be expected to have an FBI file, and he does.  When it was released the FBI admitted that they had destroyed parts of it during the 1990s, and what remains is a smattering of amusing irrelevances.  They began their ...
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