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Hollywood Hyperreality: Operation Gotham Shield Sends People Batshit

Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying Because The Avengers Accidentally Created a Conspiracy Theory.  Conspiracy theorists gone done it again.  Having learned abso-fucking-lutely nothing from the Jade Helm nonsense, the 2012 Olympics hype and the predictions of a New World Order false flag to stop Trump from winning the ...
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ClandesTime 093 – The Pentagon and the Cinematic Universe

In less than 10 years Marvel has created the biggest money-making film franchise of all time with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, this probably wouldn't have been possible without the help of the Pentagon. In this episode we examine the rise of the MCU, the Pentagon's involvement, and the fallout ...
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Pentagon Production Assistance Agreements for Iron Man 1&2

The first two Iron Man movies are far more important to cinematic history than their daft scripts, super-arrogant star performer and cartoonish presentation might suggest.  Between them they made over $1.2 billion worldwide and established the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has since become the biggest film franchise of all time.  ...
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UN Make Wonder Woman an Ambassador

This isn't just getting out of hand - it's out of hand.  You did not read this incorrectly, the United Nations have made Wonder Woman an honorary ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls.  Presumably that's because the UN thinks that actually empowering women and girls is best associated ...
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Pentagon Production Assistance Agreement for Man of Steel

Sometimes the support of the DOD can improve a film.  When the Pentagon provided Michael Bay with script notes and suggestions on Transformers III he 'was very receptive to our notes and expressed his desire for us to “help (him) make it better.”'  However, Man of Steel was not so ...
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