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US Customs and Border Protection Film and TV list

Published April 8th 2016
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Since 2003 the US Customs and Border Protection agency has become part of the Department of Homeland Security. They have their own entertainment liaison office – the DHS Office of Public Affairs Multi-Media Division. While the DHS are not very forthcoming about the productions they have worked on the CBP recently provided me with a list of projects they have assisted since 2003. It may not be a complete list but it is further proof that virtually every arm of the US security state is involved in the entertainment industry.

The DOD and Hollywood – Tom Secker on The Opperman Report

Published February 1st 2016

Ed Opperman invited me back onto his show to discuss the Pentagon’s involvement in Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment industry. We talked about my FOIA successes of recent months and what they reveal about the scale of the DOD’s involvement in the industry. The aggressive nature of the Pentagon’s influence and their desire for more influence are a central part of this discussion. We also touched on NASA, the CIA, DHS and other government agencies involved in assisting entertainment products. This is a broad conversation that goes in a lot of different directions that you won’t want to miss.

DHS Directive on Participation in Films and TV

Published March 22nd 2015

The Department of Homeland Security, like every other branch of the US military-intelligence complex, has an Office of Public Affairs and an entertainment liaison officer. For the last 11 years that job has been done by Bobbie Faye Ferguson – an actress perhaps best known for being in Dallas – who the DHS pinched from NASA, where she was doing the same job. Her official title is Director of the Office of Multimedia.