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Disinfowars 27 – Who the hell are ISIS, anyway?

Published December 3rd 2015

ISIS are a terrifying, devastating Sunni militia that emerged out of the Iraqi insurgency and the anti-Assad jihad … except they aren’t particularly religious! And their origin story makes no sense. And militarily speaking they are a joke who could be wiped out within weeks if NATO wanted that. In this episode I take a sideways look at the Islamic State, which isn’t very Islamic and isn’t a state, and ask what they really are, if anything. I focus in on two elements of their PR that have been particularly effective: the development of the Al Qaeda myth (of which ISIS are an offshoot) and the beheading videos of 2014. I wrap up by suggesting that ISIS are the first truly postmodern terrorist group, who exist almost entirely as a media entity.

DIA document on Tom Clancy’s Clear and Present Danger

Published February 21st 2014

Following the death of the hugely successful author Tom Clancy I filed a series of FOIA requests with various US government agencies for records on assistance given to him in the course of writing his books. The first response has come back from the DIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency. Strangely, the document is not strictly a response to my request, as it details DOD assistance to the film adaptation of Clancy’s novel Clear and Present Danger, not to Clancy himself.

The document is an unclassified message (though some information is redacted), sent from the office of the Secretary of Defense in Washington. Exactly who the message was sent to is not clear. It outlines how a few days earlier the decision had been made to grant assistance to the team producing the film of Clear and Present Danger, including permission to film in Arlington National Cemetery, Andrews Air Force Base and aboard an aircraft carrier.