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Bond screenwriter’s MI5 file

Published March 26th 2015

Cyril Wolf Mankowitz was the man who introduced Albert Broccoli to Harry Saltzman – the men who created the James Bond film franchise. He was also a suspected Communist, in the files of MI5. Suspicions began in 1944, when he married his wife Ann who was a Community Party member. This suspicion followed him for another 15 years, even though Wolf described himself as an anarchist, not a Communist.

Bond movies getting more violent over time, says new study

Published December 12th 2012

A newly released study from Otago University in New Zealand shows that Quantum of Solace was over twice as violent as the inaugural Bond film Dr No. Bond, James Bond: A Review of 46 Years of Violence in Films found that, ‘Dr No only featured 109 trivial or severely violent acts, there were 250 violent acts in Quantum of Solace. The latter film featured nearly three times as many acts of severe violence.’