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Jimi Hendrix FBI File

Published January 3rd 2017

The FBI’s file on James Marshall Hendrix aka Jimi Hendrix is a brief but entertaining example of the Bureau having too much time on their hands and not enough to do. After Hendrix was arrested in Toronto in 1969 ‘after a quantity of marijuana was found in his shaving kit’ the Canadian authorities asked the FBI for help finding an excuse to deport him. Hoover’s men duly obliged, though they found virtually nothing.

FBI investigated Richard Condon over The Manchurian Candidate

Published October 6th 2016

Author and publicist Richard Condon is best remembered for writing The Manchurian Candidate – a biting futuristic satire in which a Medal of Honor winning soldier is brainwashed by the Soviets to try to assassinate the US president. The FBI files on Condon and his most famous book draw numerous connections between the JFK assassination and The Manchurian Candidate (particularly the film adaptation). The Bureau even conducted a background search on Condon before the book was even published, solely due to it depicting the FBI.

FBI documents on The International Spy Museum

Published September 4th 2016
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The International Spy Museum is a privately owned museum that hosts exhibits and other events on the history of spies, spying, intelligence tradecraft and so on. Conceived in 1996 – coincidentally just as the CIA adopted a more overt approach to domestic propaganda – and opened in 2002 – coincidentally a crucial year for CIA domestic propaganda – it has grown a strong reputation for itself in the years since then. Financed by The Malrite Company and the District of Columbia, The International Spy Museum is a shining example of collaboration between government and the private sector. In all likelihood, it is a front for the CIA.

Profile: Richard Klein

Published August 5th 2016

Richard Klein is one of the most important people in the entertainment industry that you have never heard of – a former State Department employee who now works for McLarty Associates – an elite Washington DC law firm – as their liaison to Hollywood. Klein has worked with most of the major studios on some of the biggest film series, from Transformers to James Bond to Fast & Furious, alongside government agencies on both sides of the Atlantic including the CIA. Put another way, why does Star Trek: Beyond need an ‘international political advisor’?

Hunter S Thompson’s FBI File

Published July 23rd 2016

Author and the creator of gonzo journalism Hunter S Thompson could be expected to have an FBI file, and he does. When it was released the FBI admitted that they had destroyed parts of it during the 1990s, and what remains is a smattering of amusing irrelevances. They began their investigations into Thompson in 1967 and continued until at least 1971, but the most interesting aspect of this is that they had an investigation into him at all. They found nothing, but they never really had any reason to look in the first place.