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Secret Government file on Intelligence-Supported Documentary The Red Under the Bed

The 1973 ITV documentary The Red Under the Bed helped convict the Shrewsbury 24 by accusing them of being communists for their role in leading the 1972 Building Workers Strike.  A file from the office of then-Prime Minister Ted Heath confirms that the documentary was not just encouraged by the ...
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The CIA Spying On Spy Fiction – Scorpio

While the CIA have been assisting films such as Scorpio for decades they maintain very few records of their involvement in these productions, making it difficult to know how influential the Agency is in this arena.  A different but somewhat fruitful angle of inquiry is in the CIA's records of ...
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ClandesTime 070 – Fun With FOIA: Part II

This short episode is an update on my recent Freedom of Information fun.  I talk about my successful and not so successful requests to the Pentagon and my ongoing struggle with the Foreign Office to reveal further details of their involvement in the entertainment industry.  Finally I outline my efforts ...
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