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ClandesTime 092 – Conspiracy Theories: The False Flag Exercise Hypothesis

Published November 20th 2016

9/11. The 7/7 London Bombings. The Boston Marathon. The Paris Massacre. This episode we take a look at the false flag exercise theory, which has become the default alternative media interpretation of these events. We examine the theory’s history in military deception techniques, its origins as a popular conspiracy theory and how it has been encouraged in state sponsored popular culture.

Pentagon-Hollywood Collaboration Database Excerpts

Published July 21st 2016

The Department of Defense maintains a database summarising its collaboration with Hollywood productions. The master list for this database was released to me two years ago as the DOD Film List and since then I have obtained a handful of entries. Getting a little more creative I asked for entries on over a dozen films and today got a response with details on Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Contact, Tears of the Sun, Indiana Jones, Deja Vu and others. This provides new evidence of the Pentagon rewriting movies to suit their agenda, sometimes substantially altering the scripts in the process.

ClandesTime 082 – The Foreigner

Published May 29th 2016

The Foreigner stars Jackie Chan and former James Bond Pierce Brosnan, and is directed by two-time Bond director Martin Campbell. In February the film-makers blew up a bus in central London in a sequence that was spookily reminiscent of the 7/7 London bombings of 2005. To see if this similarity was a concern for the government agencies who approved and assisted The Foreigner filming in London, I filed a series of FOIA requests. In this episode we explore the responses, including evidence that the FOIA laws are applied with a criminal level of inconsistency. We round off by asking whether the producers of this film and the government officials who assisted them are guilty of glorifying terrorism via simulations like this.

ClandesTime 072 – The Pentagon in Hollywood: The Enemy Image

Published March 13th 2016

The philosophy of Carl Schmitt asserts that for a state to be identifiable and legitimate it has to employ an enemy image – the perception of a threat from the Other. In this episode we explore whether this philosophy has been adopted by the Pentagon as part of their operations in the entertainment industry. I conclude that there is a major exception – namely China – who the Pentagon do not want to be part of the enemy image portrayed by Hollywood, and speculate as to the reasons why this is.

Computer Games Roundtable

Published January 7th 2014

A special roundtable discussion podcast between Aaron Franz of theageoftransitions, Adam of cerebralrevolt and myself discussing computer games, their origins, their psychological and social impacts and the role of the security state in their production and development.  In the first hour we specifically honed in on World of Warcraft – the immersive fantasy game that is […]