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NSA Report on John le Carré Novels

Published January 5th 2017

Recently made available by Cryptome this NSA report originally appeared in an issue of their publication Cryptolog in 1992. It examines the role that signals intelligence (SIGINT) plays in the storylines of several John le Carré novels and considers whether the inaccuracies and limitations in these portrayals are of benefit to the NSA. They assess the influence of the novels on both the general public and on policy makers and in a moment of great irony they accuse le Carré of overlooking the moral consequences of his more favoured human intelligence (HUMINT), while doing the exact same thing themselves.

ClandesTime 035 – Topaz

Published August 18th 2014

In this episode we look at the Leon Uris book and Alfred Hitchcock film Topaz as a possible example of CIA propaganda. I outline the story told in both the novel and the film, and how most of the characters are based on real spies involved in the Sapphire scandal about a Soviet spy ring inside the French SDECE intelligence agency. I focus in on the character of Andre Devereaux – a character based Philippe Thyraud de Vosjoli, a probable double agent who defected from the SDECE to the CIA. I also look at author Leon Uris’ background with the DOD, and CIA records suggesting that at least the book part of the Topaz project was CIA weaponised fiction.

MI5 file on the man who inspired George Smiley

Published March 10th 2014

Recently released MI5 files at the British National Archives include one on Mary Marita Margaret Perigoe, the wife of a member of Oswald Moseley’s Union of British Fascists.  She was one of a group of six suspected Gestapo agents who MI5 monitored during and after WW2.  The six targets and their circle contacts were infiltrated and […]

Patrick Stewart’s Visit to CIA HQ

Published January 29th 2013

In 1997 actor Patrick Stewart paid a visit to CIA headquarters in Langley. The edition of What’s News at CIA begins with a quote from Stewart saying, ‘I’m honored to be here and I commend what you do.’ The publication goes on to note how Stewart played Karla in a TV adaption of John Le Carré’s work, and how Stewart described the trip as a ‘pilgrimage’. Stewart apparently explained that ‘when your Public Affairs Staff called, I was reading a book by Harvey Weinstein, an MKULTRA victim, whose grandson works for me. I must tell you that this sordid story, and other media characterisations of your work, had somewhat coloured my perceptions of your organisation. However, I am very favourably impressed with what I have seen here.’