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The CIA’s James Bond File

Published October 20th 2016

The CIA has had an interest in James Bond almost since its inception as a series of novels in the 1950s. The books were probably the first spy fiction to refer to the CIA by name and to depict them through the character of Felix Leiter. This led to a friendship between Ian Fleming and CIA bigwig Allen Dulles, who not only discussed with Fleming how the CIA were portrayed in the Bond novels but also sourced ideas from the books. The CIA has released relatively few internal documents about the Bond books and films but they do have a considerable number of open source records that shed light on their interest in the franchise.

ClandesTime 069 – Political Correctness Gone Mad

Published January 31st 2016

Recent stories focusing on the ‘migrant crisis’ and ‘the Cologne attacks’ – among other incidents – are provoking racial and religious tensions in Europe. In this episode I look at the simple-minded dialogue around these trends and events, identifying the Russian state as playing a critical role in the incitement. I recount some of my recent experiences of calling out RT and Sputnik for their thinly-disguised propaganda on the questions of immigration and multiculturalism, before articulating some of the supreme ironies of our modern ‘political correctness’.

ClandesTime 057 – Conspiracy Theories: The Death of Marilyn Monroe

Published September 16th 2015

Marilyn Monroe’s death in 1962 was ruled a ‘probable suicide’ but there have always been suspicions that she was murdered because of her relationship with the Kennedy brothers. In this episode I look at the various conspiracy theories about her death, from the highly plausible (she was murdered by her psychiatrist Ralph Greenson) to the ridiculous (the Mafia killed her on behalf of the CIA). From rumours in her FBI file, the much-disputed CIA memo dated the day before she died to the sexual fantasies of psychopathic mobsters, this is an epic exploration into one Hollywood’s darkest mysteries.

The CIA and Hollywood – Season 1 Linkchart

Published April 15th 2015

Later this week Pearse and myself will begin releasing the first season of our show The CIA and Hollywood.  To help you navigate this series and to give you an overview of what we are covering we have put together a linkchart with all the people and films that we are discussing, and also containing […]