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Profile: Stella Rimington

Published March 17th 2013

Dame Stella Rimington was born in South London to a working class family in 1935. After working as an archivist for several years she was first recruited into MI5 in 1967 while in India where her husband was working for the British High Commission. Over the decades she rose through the ranks, serving in all three of the main branches of MI5: counter-subversion, counter-espionage and counter-terrorism. She was head of MI5’s counter-terrorism branch at the time of the Patrick Finucane assassination. Dame Stella eventually became Director General in 1992, serving in that post until 1996.

Profile: William Melville

Published January 9th 2013

William Melville was born in the town of Sneem, County Kerry in the South West of Ireland. He first joined the Metropolitan police in 1872 and he quickly rose through the ranks. A friend of the magician Harry Houdini, during the 1880s he headed up the Special Irish Bureau designed to deal with the problem of Fenian ‘dynamitards’. He was part of the team that foiled the 1887 Jubilee Plot, which was supposedly an assassination attempt against Queen Victoria. In reality it was a state sponsored covert operation, approved by the Prime Minister Lord Salisbury, run through the spy Francis Millen with the aim of discrediting Irish nationalism. It is possible that Melville was not in the loop and as far as he was concerned had foiled a real plot.

Review: Skyfall

Published December 18th 2012

Skyfall, the latest film in the James Bond franchise has so far been a huge commercial and critical success. Heralded by many as the best Bond film ever, it has made over $950 million. Adjusting for inflation, this makes it second only to Thunderball, the only Bond film to, in relative terms, top a billion dollars. It is to be expected that Skyfall will cross the billion dollar threshold both in absolute and relative terms.