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ClandesTime 082 – The Foreigner

Published May 29th 2016

The Foreigner stars Jackie Chan and former James Bond Pierce Brosnan, and is directed by two-time Bond director Martin Campbell. In February the film-makers blew up a bus in central London in a sequence that was spookily reminiscent of the 7/7 London bombings of 2005. To see if this similarity was a concern for the government agencies who approved and assisted The Foreigner filming in London, I filed a series of FOIA requests. In this episode we explore the responses, including evidence that the FOIA laws are applied with a criminal level of inconsistency. We round off by asking whether the producers of this film and the government officials who assisted them are guilty of glorifying terrorism via simulations like this.

Video: Police refuse to release information on London bus explosion

Published March 12th 2016

As many of you will remember, in early February a Hollywood film crew blew up a bus in central London. Because the bus explosion was so eerily reminiscent of the 7/7 London bombings and because I read about the Ministry of Defence, MI5 and MI6 being warned about the explosion ahead of time, I decided to file some Freedom of Information requests. When the Met Police rejected my request about this film – titled The Foreigner – they simply copy-pasted their rejection about Kingsman. This is evident because in two places in the email they’ve forgotten to replace ‘Kingsman’ with ‘The Foreigner’.

The Secret State Involvement in Kingsman

Published December 28th 2015

Kingsman is perhaps the most intriguing film of the year – on the face of it a cartoonish action comedy set in the world of gentlemen spies, but underneath it is an ultra-violent, racist, eugenicist film of dubious sexual virtue. No government agencies were listed in the credits for the film but at least two were involved in the movie. This confluence of quasi-deniable government involvement in an entertainment production and comedy being used as a trojan horse for darker real-world themes is a recurring phenomenon. However, Kingsman takes this further than perhaps any other recent movie.

ClandesTime 064 – Kingsman

Published November 27th 2015

Today I am joined by good friend Adam of Themes & Memes to discuss the movie Kingsman. This is an action comedy set in the world of gentleman spies but beneath that exterior there is ultra-violence, a range of elitist, eugenicist philosophies, a rather sickening approach to sex, love and relationships and a whole lot more. So much, in fact, that even in this in-depth conversation we failed to cover it all. We also take a look at the state sponsorship of the film including the result of a FOIA request that I put in with the Metropolitan Police.

MI5 and the Magicians

Published September 20th 2013

The story of the relationship between intelligence agencies and illusionists in the entertainment industry is a long one.  It goes back at least to the beginning of the century, and the friendship between the escapologist Harry Houdini and the man who would help found MI5, William Melville. The story goes: in June 1900 Melville introduced […]