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ClandesTime 094 – How Many Films has the Pentagon Supported?

Published December 11th 2016

The Department of Defense is the government agency with the largest and most influential operations in Hollywood. But to how many films have they provided production assistance? How many movies have they supported? In this episode we explore the answer to this question, why it is so difficult to answer conclusively and why this matters.

Pentagon Production Assistance Agreements for Iron Man 1&2

Published November 17th 2016

The first two Iron Man movies are far more important to cinematic history than their daft scripts, super-arrogant star performer and cartoonish presentation might suggest. Between them they made over $1.2 billion worldwide and established the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has since become the biggest film franchise of all time. This would not have been possible without the assistance of the US military, who recently released to me the production assistance agreements between them and Marvel Studios for Iron Man and Iron Man 2.

National Guard emails on Brüno

Published October 25th 2016

2009’s Brüno is probably the most shallow of Sacha Baron Cohen’s movies, based almost solely around the comedy of irritation and embarrassment. However, the story of its production is quite fascinating and a great example of how to get the state to accidentally or unwittingly sponsor your movie. Emails from the US National Guard show how the production company duped the military into thinking they were making a straight documentary, when in reality they were making a mockumentary about a gay Austrian fashionista.

US National Guard Film and TV list

Published June 23rd 2014

The latest list to emerge from the Fun with FOIA project is a list of film and TV projects assisted by the US National Guard. The strangest entries on the list are probably Hell’s Kitchen, Cat Run 2 and Man vs Food, though as always I welcome your feedback. The list also includes Darwinian reality TV show Survivor, made by False Flag Productions/Pilgrim Films, who also produced Covert Action alongside the CIA.