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Disinfowars 12 – The Troubles

Published July 28th 2015

In this episode I explore The Troubles, beginning with the background of the struggle for Irish independence going back over a century. I outline how the struggle has always gone through its peaceful, political phases and its revolutionary violent phases. In every violent phase the British deep state has responded by enhancing the power of the security services. I pick up the story in some detail in the 1970s, when the British Military Reconnaissance Force (MRF), an intelligence unit, recruited, trained, equipped and radicalized Loyalist paramilitaries to fight against the Republicans. Meanwhile, everyone and his son was infiltrating the Irish Republican Army (IRA), who were being quite openly funded by Irish Americans. I look at the techniques of the ‘own goal’, a type of disguised bombing, and the ‘OOB’ or ‘Out of Bounds’ broadcast, a means for protecting black operations. I round off by briefly explaining the case of Patrick Finucane, a human rights lawyer murdered in collusion with the British state.

Thatcher, the Army boots and Yes, Minister

Published January 2nd 2015

The latest batch of documents released by the UK National Archives includes a file on Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s visit to Northern Ireland in December 1982. Buried within the documents is an exchange about the quality of Army overboots provided to the Bessbrook barracks in County Armagh. Thatcher’s handwritten notes on this letter, aside from expressing her rage at the letter being very late and evasive, describe it as ‘a bureaucratic gem’ and than she will ‘show this to Anthony Jay’, the co-writer of the popular BBC sitcom Yes, Minister and its sequel Yes, Prime Minister.

Who is Samantha Lewthwaite? – Porkins Policy Radio

Published June 10th 2014

Pearse of PPR arranged this roundtable discussion with filmmaker Jon Ryman, inspired by his documentary White Widow: The Samantha Lewthwaite Conspiracy.  We discussed the mysterious case of Samantha Lewthwaite, from her birth in Northern Ireland to her marriage to alleged 7/7 bomber Germaine Lindsay, her departure for East Africa and the subsequent legend that has […]

US Embassy Cables on James Bond and Ian Fleming

Published March 12th 2014

The US National Archives digital collections include a selection of US embassy cables from the 1970s, some of which mention James Bond and Ian Fleming. Most of them are records of ongoing covert affairs across the world that simply liken what’s going to ‘a James Bond adventure’ or ‘the stuff of Ian Fleming’. These are interesting because they detail all kinds of nefarious activity from spying to arms smuggling to the CIA’s public image in Japan. Five cables in particular are worthy of closer scrutiny, showing how the State Department intervened to assist the production of The Spy who Loved Me and used one Bond film to try to influence the political situation in Laos.

ClandesTime 006 – The War on Terror Chapter XVIII with Pearse Redmond

Published October 17th 2013

Guest Pearse Redmond of the PorkinsPolicyReview website joined me to reflect on the Westgate shopping centre attack, the US Special Forces raids that was the immediate response to the attack, and how the war on terror is being rewritten once again to help justify a re-colonisation of the African continent.  The conversation also covered the […]