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The CIA and Hollywood – Season 1 Digital Download

Published May 5th 2015

The first season of The CIA and Hollywood is now available as a digital download. For only $2.99 you get a convenient zip file containing all the episodes, a season guide, graphics from the show, source documents and more. This is a great way to say thank you, to support the series and to help and encourage Pearse and Tom to continue producing the show.

The CIA and John Ford’s Oscars

Published February 16th 2015
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This is one of the stranger items in my collection of CIA materials on popular culture, but is thoroughly interesting nonetheless. The US filmmaker John Ford was, during WW2 at least, intimately involved in making films with both the US Navy and the OSS, the forerunner to the CIA.  Just like the US Army Air […]

ClandesTime 039 – O.S.S.

Published October 13th 2014

In this episode we take a look at O.S.S., a 1946 film produced in close co-operation with the real life OSS, and the first movie in history to mention the CIA. I outline the unusually large degree of state sponsorship of this film, the biographies of Alan Ladd (the film’s star), Richard Maibaum (the writer/producer) and John M Shaheen (the real life OSS officer who was a technical consultant on the film), and analyse the purpose of the film. I also look at how exceptions must have been made to grant this film a release certificate, given the production code governing movies at the time.

ClandesTime 035 – Topaz

Published August 18th 2014

In this episode we look at the Leon Uris book and Alfred Hitchcock film Topaz as a possible example of CIA propaganda. I outline the story told in both the novel and the film, and how most of the characters are based on real spies involved in the Sapphire scandal about a Soviet spy ring inside the French SDECE intelligence agency. I focus in on the character of Andre Devereaux – a character based Philippe Thyraud de Vosjoli, a probable double agent who defected from the SDECE to the CIA. I also look at author Leon Uris’ background with the DOD, and CIA records suggesting that at least the book part of the Topaz project was CIA weaponised fiction.