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ClandesTime 097 – Sterling Hayden

Sterling Hayden's life encompassed many important events and periods of the 20th century.  A lifelong seaman he joined the Marine Corps and the OSS during World War 2, running smuggling operations to support anti-fascist partisans in Yugoslavia.  He was also a movie star, famously appearing in The Godfather and in ...
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Jack D Ripper OSS File

Sterling Hayden is perhaps best-known for playing Jack D Ripper but his life and career make for fascinating reading.  After a time working as a mate on various ships his near 2-metre frame, grizelled good looks and shock of blonde hair saw him move into print modelling and then into ...
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When the CIA used CBS to stop a TV Show from Being Made

In the 1950s the CIA and CBS were very close and this relationship enabled the CIA to use CBS to influence the media landscape in the United States.  Much of this relationship is covered in Carl Bernstein's excellent article The CIA and the Media, but one episode from 1956-57 shows ...
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The CIA and Hollywood – Season 1 Digital Download

The first season of The CIA and Hollywood is now available as a digital download.  This groundbreaking podcast series explores the relationship between the world's largest intelligence agency - the CIA - and the world's largest entertainment industry - Hollywood.  In this first season we focus in on the CIA's ...
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The CIA and John Ford’s Oscars

This is one of the stranger items in my collection of CIA materials on popular culture, but is thoroughly interesting nonetheless. The US filmmaker John Ford was, during WW2 at least, intimately involved in making films with both the US Navy and the OSS, the forerunner to the CIA.  Just ...
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ClandesTime 039 – O.S.S.

In this episode we take a look at O.S.S., a 1946 film produced in close co-operation with the real life OSS, and the first movie in history to mention the CIA.  I outline the unusually large degree of state sponsorship of this film, the biographies of Alan Ladd (the film's ...
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ClandesTime 035 – Topaz

In this episode we look at the Leon Uris book and Alfred Hitchcock film Topaz as a possible example of CIA propaganda.  I outline the story told in both the novel and the film, and how most of the characters are based on real spies involved in the Sapphire scandal ...
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ClandesTime 020 – Weaponised Fiction

This show is a commentary on several different works of cultural significance, primarily looking at how fiction can be used and is used to manipulate and condition public perceptions of past events.  Alfred Hitchcock's Sabotage, Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent, BBC sitcom Yes, Prime Minister, Hollywood blockbuster Crimson Tide, James ...
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