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What connects the Black Panthers, the Masonic Temple in San Francisco and Jack Valenti?

Published March 23rd 2016

What connects the Black Panther Party, the Masonic Temple in San Francisco and Jack Valenti? The answer is the award-winning 1969 movie Z, about the assassination of the Greek leftist pacifist politician Grigoris Lambrakis and the military takeover of Greece’s government. A copy of Z went missing from the San Francisco film festival in 1969 and another copy that was loaned to the Black Panther Party that summer was only returned after a delay. Valenti, by this time head of the MPAA, knew about this and had heard about copies of Z being available on the black market, and asked the FBI to investigate.

Disinfowars 29 – Marxism in the Truth Movement

Published December 27th 2015

Marxism usually gets a bad rap in the Truth Movement, but the two share a lot of key ideas. This week I explore the schizoid relationship the Truth Movement (or sections of it) have with Marxism, looking at how the notion of ‘waking up’ functions in much the same way as ‘class consciousness’, how both Marxists and conspiracists predict the inevitable self-destruction of the economic system, and the downright bizarre confusion over Marxism’s approach to central banking. I conclude that Marxist ideas, or at least very similar ideas, turn up in sections of the truth movement that you might least expect.

Disinfowars 28 – Is Jacob Appelbaum for Real?

Published December 11th 2015

Jacob Appelbaum is a journalist, hacker and a major developer on the TOR project. However, he neglects to mention the origins of TOR (the Office of Naval Research) or the Pentagon’s role in funding its development. In this episode I reflect on whether Appelbaum should be taken seriously as an advocate for an open society free from mass surveillance. Using a recent presentation by Appelbaum I explore how his proposed solutions and means of circumventing surveillance technology are exactly the reason why a politics of anti-surveillance is unlikely to emerge from the hacker culture.

Disinfowars 23 – Was Watergate a False Flag?

Published October 21st 2015

Watergate is the quintessential conspiracy, one that went all the way to the White House and took down a presidency. But was it a consequence of J Edgar Hoover’s death and the FBI’s succession crisis? Was it the result of a CIA conspiracy, a soft power coup against the Nixon White House? In this episode I explore the deeper and darker sides of the Watergate scandal to try to find the answers.

ClandesTime 058 – Are We a Cult or a Country?

Published September 23rd 2015

From Jeremy Corbyn failing to sing the national anthem to the Prime Minister fucking a dead pig, it has been a fortnight to forget in British politics. In this episode I offer my reflections on the current state of affairs, in particular analysing the media campaign against Corbyn, the new leader of the Labour Party, and asking what’s really behind it. Is this about creating a false rebel? Is this the establishment fighting back against a leader who refuses to occupy the centre ground? Or is it more complex than that? I round off this time by explaining what I’m up to in the coming months, and what you can expect from this show and the others I produce.