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Profile: Richard Klein

Published August 5th 2016

Richard Klein is one of the most important people in the entertainment industry that you have never heard of – a former State Department employee who now works for McLarty Associates – an elite Washington DC law firm – as their liaison to Hollywood. Klein has worked with most of the major studios on some of the biggest film series, from Transformers to James Bond to Fast & Furious, alongside government agencies on both sides of the Atlantic including the CIA. Put another way, why does Star Trek: Beyond need an ‘international political advisor’?

16 Military and Intelligence Code Names Inspired by Popular Culture

Published June 22nd 2016

One of the most prominent influences of pop culture on government and on the deep state is in the use of code names. From the capture of Saddam Hussein to a counter-smuggling helicopter unit in Hawaii, from a mass surveillance program named after Blazing Saddles to Secret Service and MI5 code names taken from cartoon characters, this is a widespread and frequent phenomenon. It seems that the military and intelligence services are as obsessed with pop culture as anyone else, with both hilarious and terrifying results.

ClandesTime 067 – 2015 in State Sponsored Movies: A Year in Review

Published December 31st 2015

2015 was an important year in government-assisted entertainment. Several major franchises – the Marvel Cinematic Universe, James Bond, Terminator, Fast and Furious, Mission: Impossible – released their latest films. All of these enjoyed the involvement of government agents and agencies. In this episode I review this year’s state-sponsored movies (or at least, the ones I have seen). I quickly look at each individual movie before identifying three key themes running through several of these films – Russia as the enemy, the security services themselves being under threat, and the importance of secret societies. I round off by recounting my recent scuffle with Kevin Barrett of TruthJihad, and reading our highly amusing email exchange.

The Pentagon and the World’s Biggest Film Franchises

Published December 6th 2015

The world’s biggest films now regularly take over a billion dollars in revenue, and the world’s biggest film franchises are multi-billion dollar businesses. What has never been reported before is that 6 of the top 10 (and 14 of the top 25) highest-grossing film franchises have been supported by government agencies, particularly the Department of Defense’s Entertainment Liaison Offices.

The CIA’s Nest of Vipers at Sony Pictures

Published April 20th 2015

Last autumn’s hack of Sony Pictures achieved several things – promoting their comedy film The Interview, creating a minor political storm that increased tensions with North Korea, and helping to cement the increasingly solid relationship between the White House, Hollywood and the intelligence services.