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Profile: Richard Klein

Published August 5th 2016

Richard Klein is one of the most important people in the entertainment industry that you have never heard of – a former State Department employee who now works for McLarty Associates – an elite Washington DC law firm – as their liaison to Hollywood. Klein has worked with most of the major studios on some of the biggest film series, from Transformers to James Bond to Fast & Furious, alongside government agencies on both sides of the Atlantic including the CIA. Put another way, why does Star Trek: Beyond need an ‘international political advisor’?

Porkins Policy Radio – Now a Radio Show

Published July 20th 2016

My good friend Pearse has been given the opportunity to do his show on the radio so he invited me on as his guest for the very first episode. We took on an old favourite – Chase Brandon – and discussed his relevance to the world of state-sponsored entertainment before engaging in a multi-faceted conversation going into the reports from the Pentagon’s entertainment liaison offices, the expansion of the DOD’s role in the entertainment industry, the total lack of accountability. We also get into the question of why this matters, why government involvement in entertainment is important. We rounded off having a back and forth about the media coverage of the attempted coup in Turkey.

The CIA and Hollywood 10 – Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Published June 19th 2016

Aaron Franz joins us to discuss the 2002 biopic Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, which tells the story of game show producer and host Chuck Barris. Barris claims that while becoming a TV star he was recruited by and worked for the CIA as an assassin, killing a total of 33 people. In this episode we analyse this claim, which has been dismissed by the Agency as a ludicrous fantasy. We examine Barris’ true life history, focusing in on his marriage to Lyn Levy – the daughter of one of the founders of CBS – and his incredibly selfish relationship with their daughter Della. None of this appears in the film so taking this into account we consider whether Barris was a CIA assassin, a psychopathic fabricator or an emotionally warped narcissist (or all of these things rolled into one). If Barris truly was a CIA agent then what was his job? Was he an assassin, or did they employ him to ‘slay the audience’ by developing the prototypes for reality TV?

Review: The Writer With No Hands

Published April 5th 2016

In June 1997 Hollywood screenwriter Gary Devore disappeared while driving home through the middle of the Mojave desert. Devore had connections to the Pentagon and CIA and was working on a screenplay that threatened to reveal devastating truths about the 1989 US invasion of Panama. His disappearance left no trace – of him, of his car, of his work. Just over a year later his car was found at the bottom of an aqueduct with what appeared to be Devore’s body inside, but his hands were missing. This possible murder mystery, complete with freakish details, caught the attention of British academic Matt Alford, who devoted several years to investigating Devore’s disappearance. The Writer With No Hands is the result of that investigation, though it almost certainly isn’t what you’re expecting.

ClandesTime 057 – Conspiracy Theories: The Death of Marilyn Monroe

Published September 16th 2015

Marilyn Monroe’s death in 1962 was ruled a ‘probable suicide’ but there have always been suspicions that she was murdered because of her relationship with the Kennedy brothers. In this episode I look at the various conspiracy theories about her death, from the highly plausible (she was murdered by her psychiatrist Ralph Greenson) to the ridiculous (the Mafia killed her on behalf of the CIA). From rumours in her FBI file, the much-disputed CIA memo dated the day before she died to the sexual fantasies of psychopathic mobsters, this is an epic exploration into one Hollywood’s darkest mysteries.