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Pentagon Production Assistance Agreements for Iron Man 1&2

The first two Iron Man movies are far more important to cinematic history than their daft scripts, super-arrogant star performer and cartoonish presentation might suggest.  Between them they made over $1.2 billion worldwide and established the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has since become the biggest film franchise of all time.  ...
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ClandesTime 073 – Conspiracy Mockumentaries

Mockumentary is perhaps the best sub-genre of cinema, and conspiracy-themed mockumentaries even more so.  In this episode we look at four films - The Conspiracy, The Last Broadcast, Trollhunter and Apollo 18 - and examine why conspiracy mockumentaries are so good.  The blend of realistic documentary formats with fantastical and ...
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The Pentagon, NASA and Comic-Con

Comic-Con has been a useful (and fun) hunting ground for the Pentagon's entertainment liaison offices for several years, but NASA have recently jumped on the bandwagon.  The combination of nerds and sci-fi fanatics has proven too alluring to ignore and so one of the world's biggest scientific institutions has joined ...
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