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Dept of Energy and Climate Change Documents on Skyfall

Adding to the British government departments who have provided assistance to the James Bond franchise, the now defunct Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) have released documents on the filming of a scene for Skyfall at their headquarters in Whitehall.  The Foreign Office, the Ministry of Defence and MI6 ...
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The CIA’s Nest of Vipers at Sony Pictures

Last autumn's hack of Sony Pictures achieved several things - promoting their comedy film The Interview, creating a minor political storm that increased tensions with North Korea, and helping to cement the increasingly solid relationship between the White House, Hollywood and the intelligence services.  Recently, wikileaks published the entire fruits ...
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Sony SPECTRE documents: Mexico and the $20 million mystery

The new James Bond film SPECTRE is spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave.  Costs have spiralled well over $300 million, making this the most expensive Bond movie ever and one of the top three most expensive films ever made.  Documents from the Sony hack of last year ...
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Hacker Culture Goes Mainstream – Tom Secker on Lush Future

Friend and co-host of the new Lush Future podcast Mike Seman invited me on his show to talk about the mainstreaming of hacker culture.  We talked about hacking as a 'creative engineering' mindset, how that applies to a much wider range of activities and sub-cultures than is often recognised (including ...
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Review: Skyfall

Skyfall, the latest film in the James Bond franchise has so far been a huge commercial and critical success.  Heralded by many as the best Bond film ever, it has made over $950 million.  Adjusting for inflation, this makes it second only to Thunderball, the only Bond film to, in ...
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