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ClandesTime 105 – An Alternative History of Al Qaeda: The Blind Sheikh

The Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman was an Egyptian cleric who played a critical role in the early years of Al Qaeda.  Rahman and his followers took over the New York branch of the MAK, an international fundraising and recruiting organisation that was central to the CIA's Operation Cyclone.  His ...
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Subscriber Podcast #6 – Under Siege (no, not that one)

In this month's subscriber-only podcast Pearse and I discuss the 1986 TV movie Under Siege. Co-written by former Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward on the surface this is a liberal take on the Reagan White House, but underneath is a profoundly neoconservative film. When terrorists attack the US on a ...
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WTC Bombing and the Death of the Blind Sheikh – Tom Secker on PPR

This week I joined Pearse on his radio show to revisit the 1993 WTC bombing, in light of the recent anniversary and the death of former CIA asset the Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman.  Via PPR: Tom Secker joins me for a discussion of the 24th anniversary of World Trade ...
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Profile: Richard Klein

Richard Klein is one of the most important people in the entertainment industry that you have never heard of -  a former State Department employee who now works for McLarty Associates - an elite Washington DC law firm - as their liaison to Hollywood.  Klein has worked with most of ...
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CIA and State Dept Documents on Jack Valenti

Recently released documents on former White House consultant and MPAA capo Jack Valenti strongly suggest that his appointment as president of the MPAA in some way involved the CIA.  The new documents on Valenti come from the CIA and the State Department.  Though they are tiny fragments in themselves the ...
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