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5 Examples of Hollywood’s Influence on Politics

Published June 30th 2016

Washington is Hollywood for ugly people, said Paul Begala (probably). Washington is the entertainment capital of the world, said Jack Valenti. Washington’s influence on Hollywood, the state’s influence on popular culture, is the primary topic of this site. But what about Hollywood’s influence on politics, the influence of popular culture on the state? After all, if mass culture can shape the perceptions of people like us, the general public, then why shouldn’t it shape the perceptions of politicians and the establishment?

ClandesTime 075 – The Secret World of Tom Clancy Part II: The Government Connections

Published April 4th 2016

Tom Clancy’s books are known for their technical accuracy, their political realism and their curious ability to foreshadow future events. In this episode we explore his government connections – to the FBI, CIA, Pentagon and the White House. We examine whether these connections are what enabled Clancy to write such prophetic fiction, and the impact of that on his readers. We also look at the influence of Clancy’s work on the government, from an elaborate inside joke within the CIA to the reading habits of Ronald Reagan. We round off looking at two possible Clancy copycats, both American men who flew planes into buildings (one before 9/11 and one after).

ClandesTime 074 – The Secret World of Tom Clancy Part I – The Films

Published March 28th 2016

Tom Clancy was one of the most popular spy authors of all time, but was he a spy himself? What are the nature of his government connections? How were the film adaptations of his novels supported by the Pentagon and the CIA? What script changes were made by the DOD in exchange for their support? In Part I of this two-part podcast we examine five Tom Clancy films – The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, The Sum of All Fears and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. I outline the government involvement in each adaptation and the censorship involved in their production.

Tom Clancy’s FBI File (Part II)

Published January 3rd 2016

Tom Clancy was one of the best selling spy authors of all time, known not only for his technical accuracy – gleaned through extensive government contacts – but also for an uncanny ability to predict the future. Part of his FBI file was released in 2014 but in recent weeks another section has been made available. It sheds light on just how deep his government contacts must have run, on both sides of the Atlantic.

CIA documents on assisting Patriot Games

Published August 29th 2015

1992’s Patriot Games was one of the first major films to receive explicit CIA production assistance. It is well known that Tom Clancy, the author of the book, had a positive relationship with the Agency. Clancy’s books finally achieved a long-held Agency ambition – to provide a CIA-friendly equivalent to the James Bond franchise. When Tom Clancy died nearly 2 years ago I filed a large number of FOIA requests with various US government agencies. I received, after nearly 2 years, 3 documents, 2 of which are letters from Paramount to the CIA. The third is an internal memo advising that the filmmakers should be granted assistance in making Patriot Games.