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In 1999 Showtime/Paramount Network Television produced a made-for-TV film about a CIA agent called In the Company of Spies.  It starred Alice Krige and Tom Berenger and was a relatively predictable story where an agent has to come out of retirement to resolve the jeopardy.  The production enjoyed great co-operation from the CIA, allowing scenes to be filmed at CIA headquarters, and some 50 CIA personnel appeared in the film as extras.  The thriller even premiered at CIA headquarters, before 500 Agency staff.

According to a CIA press release, ‘CIA hosted the presentation for employees and guests because it captures the profound dedication of the Agency’s men and women to the CIA’s mission and deep commitment to saving American lives and protecting American interests all over the world. It gives the viewer a sense of the effort and the expertise—the risks and the sacrifices—that the Agency’s essential intelligence work for the nation entails. Most important of all, it shows the integrity, excellence and bravery of Agency people.  For the same reasons, CIA agreed to cooperate in the production of the film.’

You can download the press release here (PDF 52KB) and two editions of What’s News at the CIA that discuss the premiere here (PDF, 136KB) and declaring the film a ‘hit’ here (PDF 38KB).