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In January 1951 the secretary for the lawyer of Paramount Pictures phoned the CIA to inform them that they were making a spy film that mentioned the CIA by name, and included three characters who worked for the Agency.  She was phoning to check whether there were any real CIA employees with the same name as the characters, naively thinking that the Agency would give out such information.

In the event, as someone has written on the memo, the CIA told the lawyer – Fulton Brylawski – to remove all references to the Agency from the script.  The finished film – My Favorite Spy, starring Bob Hope and Hedy Lamarr – makes no mention of them.  Someone else has also written on the bottom of the memo complaining that ‘the CIA owes me 75 cents’ because they saw the movie and thought it was awful.

CIA Memo My Favorite Spy 1951

You can download the CIA’s memo on removing themselves from My Favorite Spy here (PDF).