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Recent stories focusing on the ‘migrant crisis’ and ‘the Cologne attacks’ – among other incidents – are provoking racial and religious tensions in Europe.  In this episode I look at the simple-minded dialogue around these trends and events, identifying the Russian state as playing a critical role in the incitement.  I recount some of my recent experiences of calling out RT and Sputnik for their thinly-disguised propaganda on the questions of immigration and multiculturalism, before articulating some of the supreme ironies of our modern ‘political correctness’.


Political Correctness has apparently ‘gone mad’. For many years, decades really, I’ve been told this. Political correctness has gone mad. I’ve still yet to hear anyone define either what they mean by political correctness or what they mean by it going mad. When I ask them what they mean I am invariably given a short list of petty grievances about some time someone said something or told someone else off for saying something, typically punctuated with declarations like ‘you can’t say anything any more’.

But of course, you can say lots of things. You can say openly racist things. I can sit here and say ‘I hate all black, brown and Jewish people and think they should all be killed in industrial death camps’. I just did. I don’t mean it, but I can say it if I so choose. I’m not going to get arrested, I’m not going to be pursued by the ‘PC brigade’ (note the word ‘brigade’ as it relates to radical Communism), nothing is going to happen to me as a result of saying that.

Meanwhile, most of the petty grievances listed by those who are apparently under siege from the ‘politically correct brigade’ are exceptionally petty, like having to fill in what ethnicity you are on the census form. People get riled up about stuff like that, as though it is an unreasonable imposition on them. The reality is that you can tick any box you like, no one is ever going to come round to your house and check. If I wanted I could fill in the form saying I’m a 62 year Caribbean woman. And in truth, when I did fill in the census form I put ‘not applicable’ and ‘none of your business’ as my response to almost every question. As you can see, I have not been arrested, and am not going to be.

So this is largely about perception rather than reality. If you’re a bigoted idiot, or just someone with little self-discipline who likes to get riled up about nonsense as a way of artificially injecting some emotion and meaning into your life, then you’ll get pissed off at such things. The reality – that this is no more of an imposition than is placed on you on a constant basis by all bureaucracies – is irrelevant.

It is quite easy to envision such a person looking down the list of different ethnicities listed on the census form and getting themselves really pissed off that people of non-white colouring dare to exist on this patch of muddy rock sticking out of this particular bit of ocean. How dare the government bureaucracy acknowledge the existence of non-whites? It is easy to imagine such a person finding some small sense of rebellion by ticking the both marked ‘Other:’ and writing ‘Paki’ in the space provided. It is also quite easy to imagine, weeks later when the census results are announced, that same person getting angry at the number of ethnically Pakistani people in the results, completely unaware of the irony.

Now, I am not suggesting that there is a concerted effort by thick people to manipulate the census figures – they are probably broadly accurate. I’m simply highlighting how it’s circular behaviour, a self-fulfilling mental pattern. No matter what the number is, it’s too high. The number could be next to nothing, it would still be possible to sell newspapers saying that the number was too high.

The Murdoch papers and the whole media empire under that banner is particularly guilty of this. Murdoch is supposedly a globalist, that’s what the more conspiracy-minded of the anti-politically correct brigade tell us. Immigration is some kind of globalist plot to destroy national identities and, in the most extreme version, get rid of white people. In reality there are millions more white people in this country than there was 10 years ago, or 20 years ago. The proportional mix is changing, but the total white population is increasing, that is simply a fact. White genocide is a fantasy.

Likewise, if all of this was true then surely Murdoch’s output should be the utmost in anti-white political correctness? But it isn’t. It is the utmost in nationalistic, tribalistic claptrap that just encourages fear and hate. In each country it’s the same, it encourages the most reactionary and idiotic attitudes towards any issue regarding identity, especially racial or national identity.

It’s interesting, I tried to google statistics and graphs illustrating the growth in white population and what comes up on the first page is almost entirely news stories and forum discussions on how white people are going to be a smaller proportion of the world population in 2050 than they are now. Nowhere does any of this coverage mention that there will be more white people in existence in 2050. It’s all about the global or regional proportions.

So what’s the real fear here? It is not that white people are dying out, are some kind of threatened species (or sub-species or whatever). That isn’t happening, and deep down despite their limited intellectual equipment most of the people advancing this idea know that it isn’t happening. The real fear is that ‘there’s more of them than there is of us’. It’s pure tribalistic paranoia.

This is best demonstrated by what recently happened in Cologne. On New Years Eve in Cologne, in Germany, gangs of young men harassed and assaulted hundreds of women and in one case raped a woman. Obviously, this sort of behaviour is vile, pathetic and criminal. This has been blamed on immigrants, but basically that just means ‘brown men’ because there is very little coverage distinguishing between immigrants and people who were born in German of foreign descent. The most recent story I read said the German authorities have identified 52 suspects, though that will likely rise in time. Still, 52 people or however many it ends up at is not the same as an entire section of people.

Initially this story did not get much coverage, then several news outlets picked up the story and ran with it, most notably RT and Sputnik, both controlled by the Russian government. They made a big fuss about it, accusing the press of covering up what had happened. The reality – that journalists with NYE hangovers tend to do pretty shoddy work, even shoddier than their usual standard – did not enter into the discussion. What happened in Cologne was not the only thing they failed to report on in the lazy first week of 2016.

Since then both RT and Sputnik have run daily coverage focusing on migrants. It has been their number 1 topic since the turn of the year. Every story they’ve put out on this topic has in some way been designed to produce the same kneejerk reactions, the same tribalistic fears, as Murdoch’s coverage of almost everything. Having followed the comments on these stories I can see that it is producing the desired effect – of exacerbating racial and religious tensions and emboldening the far Right, at least in their keyboard warrior form.

I decided to start calling out these KGB news outlets for this, putting in comments directly describing what they were doing and criticising them for it. I also took some time to mock and insult and point out the unreality of some of the comments. It’s been a fun couple of weeks, in truth. A couple of days ago RT ran a story about one of their journalists being attacked in the refugee camp in Calais, with a followup story claiming that knife attacks had increased – according to the journalist who was menaced by a gang and suffered a very minor injury.

For shits and giggles I decided to accuse RT of having their journalist go and pick a fight so that he could report on it, and thus fulfil their ‘migrant story of the day’ requirements. The main RT page on facebook had no problem with me posting this comment, it is still up and drew the amusement of some and the vicious opposition of others. The RT UK page were aghast, demanding that I provide evidence for my claim or that I delete the comment. They threatened to ban me from their ‘community’. I pointed out that they’d posted dozens of stories about migrants designed at whipping up tensions and this was the inevitable result. They asked me if I was retracting my statement. I asked them if they were retracting the flurry of race-baiting stories they’d been pumping out on behalf of the KGB. They banned me.

RTBanMeRT responding well to criticism, as ever

Note: they did not ban anyone for making racist comments on their stories, even genocidal comments. They did not ban anyone for making hateful remarks, either about peoples in general or against specific individuals. They did not ban me for engaging in arguments with racist cretins and the odd Lefty in denial pretending that what happened in Cologne didn’t happen. They only banned me when I directly accused them of something and explicitly called them out for pursuing this agenda, clearly under orders from the Russian government. So once again, where’s the fucking political correctness when you can write ‘kill all the migrants’ but can’t write ‘this is part of a KGB propaganda campaign’?

RT recently published a story claiming that this was a nationwide phenomenon, under the title ‘New form of criminality’: Sex attacks on NYE in 12 German states, says leaked police report. They are obviously framing this to make out like there are gangs of Muslim immigrants rampaging and raping people all over Germany. If you actually read the story, it admits a huge gaping problem with that framing:

Exact details of the suspects proved hard to identify, however, as the states used varying terminology to describe them. For instance, in Baden-Wuerttemberg, the suspects were “US American and an Algerian” and some “who appeared to look Arab,” while Hesse victims said their attackers were “men of North African/Arab/southern European/eastern European appearance.” North Rhine-Westphalia described the suspected criminals as having the “appearance of a migration background” and “being foreign.”

The statements here indicate that the victims either had no idea who the attackers were and simply assumed they were foreign, or that the attackers were of a wide variety of ethnic and national backgrounds. Nothing of that made it into the headline, which was clearly and simply designed to provoke reactionary, bigoted, simple-minded responses.

Along similar lines they also published a story about a 17 year old girl in Denmark who was sexually assaulted, defended herself with pepper spray, and is now facing a fine for using the weapon illegally. RT’s aim in publishing this story was to play into the ultra-paranoid right wing racist mindset of ‘the government are victimising anyone who accuses an immigrant of rape’. The problem is that the only detail about the attacker is that he spoke English. No mention of his skin colour, age, accent, any of the usual stuff. So it appears that while this young woman managed to defend herself adequately, she remembered no details of her attacker except that he spoke English. Odd, but entirely possible. And once again, no evidence that he was a Muslim or an immigrant, but that is who the crazy bigoted dickheads blamed.

More broadly, this is a factor that to my knowledge no one has discussed vis a vis the recent surge in neo-Nazi attitudes and beliefs not just in the web-based media but across Western society – the effect of the Russian propaganda machine. But it all adds up – the far Right like Putin, because he’s white and seems to be a fascist who won’t tolerate Muslims or women or gays or anything like that. Russia is seen as the last ‘pure’ white nation, and the answer to the Western globalists who are ‘deliberately flooding Europe with migrants’. I’m sure the conspiracy theorists will tell us this is all part of the plan, but to them everything is part of the plan, from a contrail that lasts more than 5 minutes through to the occasional Hollywood movie that has a black lead character.

Why would the Russian government be trying to inflame racial tensions? The obvious answer is to help bring down the EU. The Schengen agreement, which allows for freedom of movement within the EU, is falling apart. Various western European countries are placing restrictions on movement that haven’t been seen in Europe for decades. And with that, the Euro is once again looking shaky, as Merkel said you can’t have the free flow of capital throughout Europe without the free flow of labour.

Germany, being the economic centre of the Euro and the EU project, depends on cheap labour to maintain its position. By inflaming tensions and encouraging the collapse of the Schengen agreement Russia is taking revenge for EU sanctions and hastening the downfall of the largest power block in the region. In turn this will lead to Russia having more influence in Eastern Europe, which they want, and will piss off the US for whom a united Europe is a powerful economic and military ally.

So, contrary to the idea that Merkel is some kind of Marxist multiculturalist who wants to eradicate white Europeans and this ‘migrant crisis’ is all made up, the reality is the opposite. Instead of seeing the disintegration of national boundaries we are seeing them re-affirmed. Instead of this strengthening the EU project it is weakening it. In pursuing cheap immigrant labour Merkel has actually made her own position less tenable.

Thus, if there is a secret plan behind the migrant crisis – which I don’t think there is – then it is one of advancing the security state in the name of dealing with a tiny rise in the population of Europe. This is what’s actually happening, but you won’t see anyone who is sceptical of the migrant crisis saying this. They’ll continue down the ‘multiculturalism is the end of European civilisation’ road, which is the intellectual equivalent of sticking your balls in a hedge strimmer. The simple reality is that Europe has been multicultural for thousands of years. All they are really objecting to, all they are really scared and angry about is a word – ‘multiculturalism’. Just like ‘Communism’ and ‘Terrorism’, it is a loosely defined term that is treated as though it were a clear, specific enemy.

Getting back to what happened in Cologne – what was missing from any of the coverage was any sense of proportion, as per usual. Did anyone bother to investigate whether women in Cologne or any other city were harassed en masse on New Years Eve by anyone other than brown-skinned people? No. Did anyone look up stories of previous New Years Eves and whether women were harassed and assaulted? No. Did anyone present statistics on whether women had been subject to greater harassment and assault since the influx of migrants from Syria, Libya and other NATO war zones? No. Did anyone provide any context at all in which to understand this unpleasant and nasty behaviour? No.

Instead, it was presented as an exceptional event, a watershed moment, like this was the first time a woman had been raped in a European city. Ditto the RT journalist getting a minor knife wound – as though no journalist ever got injured covering a story before there was a refugee camp in Calais. Now, it may well be that what happened in Cologne was an exceptional event, but the number of complaints has risen dramatically over time, in response to the media coverage. In turn, the media coverage has reported bigger numbers each time it prints a story on this.

What no one seems to have asked is whether the same behaviour would be deemed acceptable (by those on the receiving end or those supposedly defending their honour) if it was committed by white people. Obviously, very few people would excuse rape. But how about slapping a young lady on the bottom or squeezing her breast? That is done, without any form of consent and often without the slightest solicitation, in all Western European cities on every designated ‘go out and get drunk’ evening of the year. I’ve seen it too often to pretend it doesn’t happen, and so have you. In general when young men are drunk they don’t tend to treat young women with a lot of respect, regardless of whether they have white or brown skin and regardless of their upbringing.

Would some of these women in Cologne have tolerated or laughed off the same behaviour if it had come from someone they identified as one of their own? I am not saying they have made this up, I am simply asking the question because the lines governing reasonable sexual behaviour are not at all clear in Western society. Some women in some circumstances would consider a slap on the bottom to be a sexual assault, or at least sexual harassment. Some of the same women would consider it differently in different circumstances, and depending on who did it.

So, while there is something to the point that mass immigration of people from a culture that doesn’t have a lot of respect for women is likely to produce an increase in this sort of behaviour and it’s a lie to pretend otherwise, it’s equally a lie to pretend as though our Western culture treats women with the respect they are due. And the people going around hashtagging ‘rapefugees’ are the same people who will decry any form of feminism as ridiculous and will happily slut-shame any women they choose. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure if you’re a lesbian that you’re a lot better off in the UK than in Saudi Arabia, but the point remains.

Likewise, I’ve seen quite a lot of people refer to ‘our women’. The #rapefugees are coming for ‘our women’. I’m pretty sure owning women is illegal so I can only assume these people are once again falling back on the tribal instincts. Because the women are white (presumably – no one stopped to ask about the ethnicity of the women assaulted in Cologne) they are deemed to be ‘ours’, they belong to us white guys, not those brown guys. But the really funny thing is that most of these guys have a thing for brown girls. They love the dark hair, dark eyes, rich skin tones, and who wouldn’t? There are a lot of beautiful women out there of every stripe.

So, is a lot of racism actually rooted in sexual jealousy and competition? It would appear so, because the notion of the insatiable dark-skinned foreigner defiling your pale-skinned daughter is pretty widespread and goes back a long way in popular culture. At heart, the racists do not object to pretty brown-skinned women immigrating to Western Europe, they object to young brown-skinned men immigrating. So it’s not just about skin colour and race per se, it’s about not wanting to compete with exotic-looking foreigners for the attention of nice young ladies. Think about all the racists you know, and I’m talking about indigenous white Western European racists, the primary racists in our society, and think how many of them have expressed affection or attraction towards women of the same race or ethnicity that they criticise and object to when it’s a man, particularly a young man.

The coverage of Cologne has been perfect at tapping into those attitudes and feelings. I’ve even seen this referred to as ‘sexual terrorism’, and Sputnik in particular is referring to ‘the Cologne attacks’ just like they refer to what happened in Paris or wherever else. The same bunker mentality, the same circling of the wagons that is encouraged after a terrorist attack is being encouraged in Western Europe by the Russian government’s propaganda arms. They are deliberately conjuring up images of Muslim hoardes coming here and raping ‘our’ women.

Illustrating this beyond any doubt, RT also recently published a story about how the Danish authorities have been under-reporting rapes and sexual assaults. Once more this plays into the paranoid racist right wing mindset of ‘the Muslims are raping all our women and the government is covering it up’. The problem is that the story says the Danish police were under-reporting or failing to report rapes and sexual assaults up until 2014, and since then have overhauled their system. So this has nothing to do with the migrant crisis of 2015. Nothing at all.

I decided to call out RT once more, saying it was obvious they were trolling their readership and testing to see how well their propaganda is working. I pointed out that the story had nothing to do with the migrant crisis. Virtually all of the responses I got accused me of being a Left winger in denial, or said I was a moron. Or accused me of being a rapist sympathiser. Or accused me of being a rapist. Or said that they hoped my mother, sister, girlfriend or any other woman close to me got raped so I would know what this is like.

RightWingersCallmeRapistNoble ‘white genocide’ believers defending the rights of European women

The people who claim they are trying to protect and defend ‘our’ women from the onslaught of Arab Muslim rapists that are supposedly invading Europe are explicitly saying that they hope more women get raped in order to somehow prove me wrong. That’s how much these racist, retarded excuses for sub-human scum really care about women, i.e. not one bit. They only pretend to care about women in order to excuse their racism. When challenged, it took no time at all for them to say that they actually want women to be raped in order to prove them right. They are not only racists, they are misogynists.

The same dynamic is at play in the US presidential election, with Donald Trump running on an explicitly racist platform and getting a lot of support for doing so. He makes a big deal out of not being ‘politically correct’, but the reality is that he hasn’t been sidelined or demonised by a politically correct media, he’s got away with saying all kinds of ludicrous and vicious things, including outright misogynistic bullshit, and hardly ever gets called out for it. Most of the coverage labels his statements ‘controversial’. Donald Trump’s ‘controversial comments about Muslims’. No, let’s call it what it is: Donald Trump’s bigoted bullshit about Muslims.

Perhaps even more disappointingly, I recently received an email newsletter from a 9/11 group headed by Ian Henshall that wholly and completely endorsed Trump. It reads:

Whatever you think about Donald Trump, he has at least challenged the Washington establishment and broken the mainstream silence on 9/11. He has said the Bush family should not be seeking to benefit from 9/11. Even his false comments that Muslims were celebrating in New York have drawn attention to the fact that a group of Israelis was arrested there after celebrating the events. A Trump aide has tweeted the dangerous idea that Hilary Clinton is behind at least one Daesh propaganda video. The widely respected journalist Glenn Greenwald has said that despite the horror of the “liberal” establishment Trump is no more right wing than most Washington politicians. His supporters say that he is independent financially and, as an opponent of the endless wars, he is better than Hilary Clinton.

Now, there’s so much wrong with this one paragraph that I could do an entire episode just on that, but suffice to say Donald Trump did not ‘break the mainstream silence on 9/11’, he isn’t an opponent of the endless wars, his actual words are ‘I would bomb the shit out of them’.

Glenn Greenwald is only respected by naive and ignorant people who don’t realise he’s a sham working for a CIA-connected silicon valley billionaire and the dancing Israelis are the biggest distraction in the entire 9/11 tale. This email serves to highlight just how irrelevant and meaningless the 9/11 truth movement has become – they get some tiny half-glimmer of recognition from a celebrity politician using racism and paranoia to promote himself and they latch on like fucking limpets. It’s pathetic, spineless crap and shows how this movement that was once interesting, motivated and had definable aims has become just another lazy cult of dimwits.

And herein lies the first of two supreme ironies about ‘political correctness gone mad’. From where I’m sitting, ‘political correctness’ is just the excuse racists use for being racist. ‘Politically correct’ is what racists call non-racists. I see that a lot more than I see racist crap being called out as racist crap, a lot more than I see bigoted morons being told they are bigoted morons and a lot more than I see the far Right being censored or excluded from conversation for being racist, bigoted morons. The true ‘political correctness’ of our age is that you can’t even call a racist what they are. I mean you can, of course you can, but hardly anyone ever does. It seems that the Left’s response to racism is to pretend it doesn’t exist, to hide behind slogans about ‘race is used to divide us, we need to be united across racial boundaries’ without ever wondering ‘how the fuck can we be united across racial boundaries when there’s a fucking bigoted loudmouth in a silly wig causing no end of trouble and you refuse to confront him?’.

The other supreme irony is that there is a problem of clashing a medieval culture like Islam with the secular democratic culture of Western Europe, but that the far Right backlash is, if anything, more damaging to secular democratic culture than Islamism. Ask yourself: who else aside from Islamists like Al Muhajiroun advocate brutal, violent punishments for anyone who doesn’t believe in their worldview? The neo-Nazis. Who threatens anyone who confronts their bigotry and simple-minded dogma? The neo-Nazis. I don’t see anyone on the Left saying that people should be thrown in prison for being anti-immigration. I do see plenty on the Right saying that sort of thing – about Muslims, immigrants in general, people who are pro-immigration, women – particularly feminists, homosexuals (except for misogynistic homosexuals like Milo Yiannopoulos) and of course, anyone on the Left who confronts their narrow-minded pig-ignorant horseshit. And it should be confronted, because the reality is that most of these people are cowards. They might say that all the migrants should be drowned and even vote for someone who also says that, but none of them have the guts to do it themselves. They’ll just hide behind paranoid excuses and claims of being persecuted, complaining about anyone and anything but themselves.

The supreme irony is that the things that are apparently under assault by all these Muslim immigrants – respect for women, democratic government, pluralist society, tolerance of differences – are the same things the neo-Nazis despise. They are actually far closer to each other – not just in attitudes but also in politics – than either side would ever admit or acknowledge. The reality is that all of these things have been the result of progressive politics, which for all its failings is vastly preferable to kneejerk tribalism. And if you think that makes me politically correct then count yourself lucky that you live in a society where I can tell you to go fuck yourself.


  • Arnar Steinsson says:

    Thanks for this Tom. You managed to cheer me up, Wich isn´t easy these days. All the best.

  • Qainiratha says:

    Fantastic, sober, honest and fair. Nothing much to add apart from thanking you for the work you do.

  • mark ware says:

    You think the dancing Israelis are just a distraction? Why?

    • Tom says:

      Because they add up to virtually nothing, but every single ‘Israel did it!!!!!!!!’ type I’ve come across uses this as the beginning of their argument. At the very best, if we’re being charitable, it adds up to Mossad foreknowledge. Much more likely they were five guys hired to draw attention to themselves and help sew the seeds of a false conspiracy theory. Five guys dancing doesn’t explain why NORAD shut down and failed to shoot down the planes. Five guys dancing doesn’t explain the CIA repeatedly failing to tell the FBI about two of the supposed hijackers. Five guys dancing doesn’t explain the complete destruction of the three WTC towers.

  • "CONspiracy theorist" says:

    Quote “that’s what the more conspiracy-minded of the anti-politically correct brigade tell us. Immigration is some kind of globalist plot to destroy national identities and, in the most extreme version, get rid of white people”

    I guess this guy was one of your barmy “conspiracy-minded people” then?

    Richard Nikolaus Eijiro, Count of Coudenhove-Kalergi[1] (November 16, 1894 – July 27, 1972) was an Austrian-Japanese politician, philosopher and count of Coudenhove-Kalergi. A pioneer of European integration,

    Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi.

    A Freemason, funded by Warburgs.

    In his book Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism), he wrote:[42]
    “The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.

    Awards and honors

    1950: Charlemagne Prize
    1954: Officer of the Legion of Honour[60]
    1962: Grand Decoration of Honour in Silver with Star of the Republic of Austria
    1965: Sonning Prize
    1966: Europäischer Karlspreis der Sudetendeutschen Landsmannschaft
    1967: Order of the Sacred Treasure, 1st class of Japan
    1967: Kajima Peace Award[49]
    1972: Konrad Adenauer Prize
    1972: Knight Commander’s Cross of the Federal Republic of Germany[61][62]
    Dr. h. c. of Nihon University[60]
    Ehrenbürgerwürde der Universität Frankfurt a. M.[63]
    Nobel Peace Prize nominee in 42 nominations, known by 1963 so far.[64] 1964–1972 period is still concealed.


    • Tom says:

      Yes, he’d be one of them. But note: in the quote you cite he only talks of the dissolution of races i.e. all races, not the genocide of white people. Also, diversity of individuals as opposed to diversity of peoples doesn’t sound half bad.

  • "CONspiracy theorist" says:

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, I genuinely mean it, and there is genuine sarcasm below and I mean that also.

    I don’t troll or bother to comment on blogs much, for reasons like your answer above, short and quick, meaning you haven’t even bothered to go and look into it more before replying.
    Your “Yes he’d be one of them” Case in point. A reply for the sake of replying.

    So Yeah, those crazy conspiracy theorist hey?! Just imagine what crazy plans they could hatch if they had the clout and the financial means.

    As you correctly point out he didn’t call for white genocide. But I’m going to hazard a guess and say that he was talking about people in Europe, which is made up of mostly white people and he was one of the key players in the EU project, so I’m sure he wasn’t talking about Africa. So it would be reasonable to assume if that was indeed the plan then white European people is where you’d start.

    He didn’t want to just dissolve the white race, nope, all races, i guess that’s fine, it would be racist if white people were left out of the equation after all, but then again he did call for a new Jewish super race to be brought about to rule over his ‘mongrel’ horde. What crazy ideas eh?. Good job he was just one lone crazy nut, nobody took him seriously after all.

    Oh dam!

    “He was the first recipient of the Charlemagne Prize in 1950. The 1972–1973 academic year at the College of Europe was named in his honour. Coudenhove-Kalergi proposed Beethoven’s Ode to Joy as the music for the European Anthem. He also proposed a Europe Day, European postage stamp[4] and so many goods for his movement (e.g. badges and pennants).[5] ”

    Anyway, after listening to your blurb you’ve put those crazy conspiracy theories to bed for me with rational and well researched discourse. Tom at has well and truly poo pooed Richard and his friends very silly conspiracy.



    The noble man of the future is neither feudal nor Jewish, neither bourgeois nor proletarian: he will be synthetic. The races and classes will disappear in the modern sense and the personalities will remain. Only by connecting with the best blood of the citizens, the viable elements of erstwhile feudal nobility will climb to new heights; only by uniting with the peaks of Gentile Europeanness will the Jewish element of the future nobility reach full development. The chosen people of the future may be a physical soup of the consummate body and gestures of rustic nobility, a mentally highly educated Urban nobility with spiritualized physiognomies. The nobility of the past was based on quantity: the feudal nobility limited by the number of ancestors; the plutocratic numbered a million. The nobility of the future will be based on quality: on personal value, personal perfection; on completion of the body, the soul, the spirit. Today, on the threshold of a new age, the random starting point is the former hereditary nobility;


    instead of noble breeds there will be noble individuals: people whose random blood composition elevates them to model types. For this chance nobility of today the new international and inter-social noble race of tomorrow will emerge. All outstanding beauty, power, energy and spirit will be recognized and unite by the secret laws of erotic attraction. Only once the artificial barriers have fallen, the barriers feudalism and capitalism have built between people, then the most important men automatically fall for the most beautiful women and the most prominent women fall for the most perfect men. The more perfect then the physical, psychological, spiritual man will be – the greater the number of women from which he will be able to choose. Only the noblest men, will be free to mate with the finest women, and vice versa – the inferior will have to settle for the inferior. Then free love will be chosen as the erotic life of inferior and mediocre with free marriage. So the new breeding nobility of the future will not emerge from the artificial standards of human caste, but from the divine laws of erotic eugenics. The natural hierarchy of human perfection is to replace the artificial ranking and rid itself of feudalism and capitalism. Socialism, which started with the abolition of the nobility, with the levelling of mankind will culminate in the breeding of the nobility, in the differentiation of humanity. Here, in social eugenics, is


    the highest historical mission, which is not yet recognized today: to move from unjust inequality through equality to equitable inequality, on the ruins of all the pseudo-aristocracy to a real, new nobility.

    Posted 9th June 2015 by John
    Labels: EU Europe European Union Referendum
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    • Tom says:

      Once again, you’re misinterpreting the thing that you’re quoting in order to advance a stupid conspiracy theory.

      1) There is a difference between ‘there are no more white people because there are no races anymore’ and ‘let’s kill all the white people’. Quite a big difference. I suggest you think about that.

      2) He does not call for ‘a new Jewish super race to be brought about to rule over his ‘mongrel’ horde’, at least not in the section you provide. He said, ‘The races and classes will disappear in the modern sense’, which includes the Jewish race. He goes on to say, ‘Only by connecting with the best blood of the citizens, the viable elements of erstwhile feudal nobility will climb to new heights; only by uniting with the peaks of Gentile Europeanness will the Jewish element of the future nobility reach full development.’ This means that both the feudal nobility and the Jews will have to breed with others and become of mixed blood in order to ‘climb to new heights’. So he isn’t talking about a Jewish ruling class. That’s just you being a paranoid racist prick who can’t read.

      3) He goes on to emphasise how the new nobility will not be of one race (Jewish or otherwise) but will be composed of individuals, ‘instead of noble breeds there will be noble individuals’.

      I suggest you learn to read before commenting here again. And by ‘learn to read’ I mean learn to read, not ‘see the word Jew and go apeshit’. Your contributions here have been a neurotic, racist disgrace.

  • Anon says:

    It’s cool that you added comments, I like reading conversions on podcast and articles, even if they’re silly. Doubly so if the author replies to them.

  • CONspiracy theorist says:

    “Once again, you’re misinterpreting the thing that you’re quoting in order to advance a stupid conspiracy theory.1) There is a difference between ‘there are no more white people because there are no races anymore’ and ‘let’s kill all the white people’. Quite a big difference. I suggest you think about that”.

    Well I didn’t write “kill all white people” Those are your words, apparently I’m not the only one who can’t read!

    Why do you keep referring to it as a conspiracy theory Mr Secker?

    He wrote a book about it explaining what the plan was, he had it published, it’s in the public record! He also admitted that he received funding from the Warburgs, the same guys who funded the Jewish Bolsheviks (also in the public record).

    I wonder if it was Secker & Warburg that published his book by the way? I’ll have to look into that some more. I love the way you just decry everyone who says anything about Jews as a racist. Why that is that now??

    “Stalin’s Jews

    We mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish,7340,L-3342999,00.html

    • Tom says:

      You may not have written the exact words ‘kill all the white people’ but your comments here are claiming that this dude was in favour of white genocide. Anyone can see that. That you would now try to equivocate and wriggle out of your claims just shows how dishonest you are.

      As to the rest of your crap – the Bolsheviks received no money from the Warburgs. That’s not ‘in the public record’. If you cannot come up with anything better than this crap then I’ll stop allowing your comments on my site.

  • CONspiracy theorist says:

    The dude’s book is about Europe! He wanted to breed a new race through ‘selective evolutionary eugenics’, one to serve and one to rule, being based on the “Jewish master race” and European aristocracy.

    “From the mass of European humanity, two quality races stand out: blood aristocracy and Jewry. Separated from each other, they both hold firmly to the belief in their higher mission, of their better blood, to human differences in rank. In these two heterogeneous preference breeds the core of the future European nobility lies.

    According to his writings the rest of the people of Europe were to breed into one mixed mongoloid “inferior” people. To breed out a people is genocide without the “kill all white people”

    “The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, outwardly similar to the ancient Egyptian, will replace the diversity of peoples with a variety of personalities.

    “Only the noblest men, will be free to mate with the finest women, and vice versa – the inferior will have to settle for the inferior”.

    Raphael Lemkin defined genocide as follows:

    “Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups”

    I find it quite interesting to note that most of the Immigrants coming into Europe now are mostly made up of North Africans.

    “As to the rest of your crap – the Bolsheviks received no money from the Warburgs. That’s not ‘in the public record’. If you cannot come up with anything better than this crap then I’ll stop allowing your comments on my site”

    Yes they did, They were funded by a Jewish banking cabal that included the Warburgs.

    • In Germany, Warburg’s brother Max helped persuade the government to provide millions to Lenin and allow him to cross Germany with other revolutionaries in a special train. The Germans agreed because the Bolsheviks promised to remove Russia from the raging First World War after taking power.

    “1917 when the Revolution started, Lenin, who was in Switzerland (also exiled because of the 1905 uprising [and after having spent several years plotting with the Fabians in London –ed]), negotiated with the German High Command with the help of Max Warburg (head of the Rothschild-affiliated Warburg bank in Frankfurt) to allow him, his wife, and 32 other Bolsheviks to travel across Germany to Sweden, where he was to pick up the money being held for him in the Swedish bank.

    You will also find further reference to it In the US Congressional records from WW2.

    Also referenced in the following books.

    The Tower of Basel by Adam Lebor. (Who had access to the history archives of the BIS).

    Wall St and the Bolshevik Revolution by Antony C Sutton

    • Tom says:

      People being of mixed race does not equate to genocide.

      None of those links or claims about the Bolsheviks provides any evidence. You are full of shit and no longer welcome here.

  • Ivan K. says:

    Rather than proving to others that you’re right and they’re wrong, this time of year is very much a time for introspection and contemplation.

    For contemplation, I want to post this link to an article that stands out in the migrant crisis discourse by taking a third side :
    The “German Question” by Gearóid Ó Colmáin


    This website having just started to accept comments, and this being my first post, let me say something mildly fitting.

    The Alec Guinness’ last film is an unpretentious and, charming one. Guinness is often present, in a role of a retired university professor – and says not a word. People ask him questions, he keeps silent … except in the last few minutes. Then, he says ….

    “If you asked me, ‘Why does globalism lead to tribalism?’, I would have spoken.” *

    ‘Why does globalism lead to tribalism?’ Twenty years after those words were written for the film, the question still seems fresh, and potent.

    Globalism is closely connected to acceptance of rules and principles. Tribalism is closely related to a visceral attachment to specific things in the world.
    People who spurn all principles or any sense of belonging are in tiny minorities. Even anarcho-capitalists of paleo-libertarian persuasion promote something they call a non-aggression principle. Apparently, their whole edifice involves a global implementation of a principle.

    That may come out of common sense. Think egocentrically for a moment. For you and your close ones to live well, you need some use of … some principles.
    But, how to combine an abstract rule with intimate feelings?
    The apparent ease of this task is deceptive, judging by the dominance of plain globalism and plain tribalism anywhere I look. I think ….even if all the evil elites were to vanish this moment, there would still be profound tension and disquiet in the world: a silent war between an aspiration for universality, to secure what you love, … and a desire to have a constant feeling of closeness with something.

    (* I’m quoting from memory; it’s difficult to find either the film or its script.)