ClandesTime 002 – The Woolwich Murder and the Ukraine Connection

This edition of the podcast looks at the ‘Woolwich murder’, the killing of British soldier Lee Rigby in May this year. I discuss the context of this murder as well as an associated killing three weeks earlier that got very little press attention. I detail how the alleged culprits of the Woolwich murder and the victim were predicted on BBC television years ahead of time with uncanny accuracy. I round off by discussing how we could see the murder and the reaction to it as part of a strategy of tension playing out in Britain in 2013.


Michael Abebolajo video

BBC: MI5 offered job to London Woolwich Suspect

Abu Nusaybah letter to ISC

Telegraph – Woolwich attack: soldier’s ‘killer’ in dock on terror link three years ago

Telegraph – Special Forces ‘snatched’ Woolwich murder suspect from Kenya

Birmingham Mail – Thousands pack funeral for Birmingham pensioner stabbed in the back

Spooks s05e03

Spooks s06e04

Meme comparison table – Spooks and the Woolwich Murder

Anjem Choudary on Newsnight discussing Michael Adebolajo

Omar Bakri talking about Michael Adebolajo

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