ClandesTime 005 – Transhumanism and the Security State with Aaron Franz

Published October 6th 2013 | Tags: , ,

Guest Aaron Franz of joins me for this episode to take a sideways look at the connections between transhumanism and the security state.  We discuss a dog that looks like Vladimir Putin and the recent arrest of a stork in Egypt as part of a wider trend of animals being accused of spying as the ‘war on terror’ expands into increasingly ludicrous realms.  We also talked about a CIA promotional video apparently aimed at children, Patrick Stewart’s visit to CIA headquarters, the subtext of Iron Man 3 and other superhero films and a curious story linking the movie Escape from New York to triple agent Ali Mohamed.  We rounded off looking at automated checkouts and the implications for the economy.  This wide-ranging and at times very funny conversation is not to be missed.


Moscow Times – The Dog that looks like Putin

France24 – Stork arrested in Egypt on suspicion of spying

Guardian – Arrested ‘spy’ stork killed and eaten after release in Egypt

Egyptian Farmer Arrested for Naming Donkey After Army General

CIA – Dog tours CIA headquarters

Patrick Stewart visits CIA headquarters

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