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Short answer: yes, probably.  Long answer: no, but there are a hell of a lot of them.  In this episode I look at 7 key figures in the history of Al Muhajiroun since its founding in 1996, all of whom are probably or definitely informants for MI5.  From the top of the gang’s hierarchy – Abu Hamza, Abu Qatada and Omar Bakri – to deep cover agents like Reda Hassaine and ‘Omar Nasiri’, the organisation has been riddled with spies since its inception.  This show also touches upon the ‘shoe bomber’ and the Woolwich murder and explains the possible reasons for why this mass infiltration has happened.


Nafeez Ahmed – UK pays price for MI5 courting terror

Corbett Report interview 298 on Mohammed Junaid Babar

Secrets, Spies and 7/7

Mohammed Junaid Babar e-book

Spy who hunted 7/7 bombers has to fight to stay in the UK: MI5 agent praised by Blair faces deportation over criminal record

Reda Hassaine timeline – History Commons

Reda Hassaine’s website

Reda Hassaine interview on Al Jazeera

Omar Nasiri timeline – History Commons

Omar Nasiri on Newsnight

Omar Bakri timeline – History Commons

Abu Qatada – Immigration Tribunal Judgment (contains details of contacts with security services)

Abu Qatada timeline – History Commons

Bisher al-Rawi timeline – History Commons

Jamil al-Banna timeline – History Commons

Abu Hamza timeline – History Commons

Resisting the Terror episode 4 (contains information on Saajid Badat)

CIA Annual Report 2002 (contains information on foreknowledge of the shoe bomb plot)