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This week, I welcome Matt Alford to the show to talk about the media manipulation of the image of the British Royal Family, and how it relates to British foreign policy, including Brexit. From the killing of rare animals to closet fascism, to interfering in politics and criminal investigations, we look at numerous stories that reveal the dark underbelly of the Royals. We also discuss Matt’s new book Union Jackboot: What Your Media and Professors Don’t Tell You About British Foreign Policy, and make a few tentative predictions about Brexit.

Union Jackboot (Deluxe First World Edition)

Union Jackboot (Budget Third World Edition)

Two hen harriers dead, one prince questioned, no charges

Prince Harry: ‘I’ve killed Taliban fighters’

Prince Harry Under Fire for Racist Comments

David Cameron speaks of ‘relief’ at telling Queen the Union was saved

The Queen ‘warned butler to beware of dark forces at work’

Diana ‘feared being bugged by dark forces’

‘Black spider’ memos put spotlight on Prince Charles’s political outreach

Kate Middleton hospital nurse found dead in suspected suicide days after falling for radio prank call