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I recently joined Henri from the Fortress on a Hill podcast for our latest discussion on military movies. We talked about the eyeopening documentary Combat Obscura, compiled from footage shot by Marine Corps combat cameramen in Afghanistan.  We hone in on how the film breaks through the usual Pentagon filters about what can be shown to the public about how US wars are actually executed, and how the documentary combines both a critical and a sympathetic look at the lives of Marines deployed to Afghanistan. We round off by discussing the notion of dying in combat as a kind of religious sacrifice, which is explored in the documentary.  This is a highly informative conversation where Henri explains some of the similarities and differences between Afghanistan, as depicted in Combat Obscura, and his own experiences during two tours in Iraq.

Note: This is the first of a two-part conversation – in the second part Henri, Keagan and I talked about the movie Born on the 4th of July.