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A friend and listener to ClandesTime wrote to me in the wake of the recent episode on Derren Brown’s Apocalypse.  He told me how he had been approached by Derren Brown’s production company via the website StarNow, a site where actors and production crew promote themselves and where companies look for people to fill roles on their shows.  They were working on a show based around hidden cameras and people playing pranks on close friends and relatives.

They wanted my actor friend to nominate someone he knew who would be the subject of a prank, but among the reservations expressed in their message exchange was that my friend thought the tables would turn and that he himself would be the unwitting or unwilling victim of the show.  Needless to say, he did not end up participating in the show, and it appears it never got made.

You can download the message exchange between the actor and Derren Brown’s production company here, and the form they were trying to get him to fill in here.