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A little bit of open source intelligence in action – several listeners have put together OCR versions of the DOD film list and one has even scraped reams of data about the films on the list.  The resulting spreadsheet has every film on the list, most of them identified with the year of production, the production companies behind it, the writer/s, director, producer/s and casts.  It also has IMDB links so you can verify where the data came from.  You can download the spreadsheet here (XLS file).  The listener – Mike – has also noted some interesting data from the spreadsheet.

Common Production Studios:

Columbia Pictures (19 films)

Paramount (34)

MGM (26)

20th Century Fox (27)

Warner Bros. (38)

Universal International (10)

Universal Pictures (19)

Those studios combined make up 53.56% of all the films (173/323).

Common Actors:

John Wayne (12)

Arthur Franz (8)

Robert Mitchum (8)

Robert Wagner (7)

Ward Bond (7)

William Holden (7)

Richard Jaeckel (7)

Sean Connery (5)

Harrison Ford (5)

Bruce Willis (4)

Dean Martin (3)

Ben Affleck (2)

Common Directors:

John Ford (6)

Lloyd Bacon (5)

Lewis Seiler (4)

Raoul Walsh (4)

Arthur Lubin (4)

Delmer Daves (4)

Michael Bay (4)

Edward Dmytryk (4)

Christy Cabanne (4)

Common Writers:

Frank Wead (7)

Beirne Lay Jr. (5)

Wister Haines (4)

Robert Pirosh (4)

Ted Sherdeman (4)

Delmer Daves (4)

Tom Clancy (4)

William Wister (4)

Steve Fisher (4)

He also made a graph showing the films per year produced by the assistance of the DOD going back a century:

FilmsByYear(click for larger version)