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I have several products available for you to show your support.  You can buy a copy of my books National Security Cinema and Secrets, Spies and 7/7 or a digital download of either the first season of The CIA and Hollywood or the first 50 episodes of ClandesTime.

National Security Cinema

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This is a book about secrecy, militarism, manipulation, and censorship at the heart of the world’s leading democracy—and about those who try to fight them.

Using thousands of pages of documents acquired through the Freedom of Information Act National Security Cinema exclusively reveals that the national security state—led by the CIA and Pentagon—has worked on more than eight-hundred Hollywood films and over a thousand network television shows.

The latest scholarship has underestimated the size of this operation, in part because the government has gone to considerable lengths to prevent data emerging, especially in the 21st Century, as the practice of government-Hollywood cooperation has escalated and become more aggressive.

National Security Cinema reveals for the first time specific script changes made by the government for political reasons on dozens of blockbusting films and franchises like Transformers, Avatar, Meet the Parents, and The Terminator.

These forces have suppressed important narratives about: CIA drug trafficking; illegal arms sales; military creation of bio-weapons; the interaction of private armies and oil companies; government treatment of minorities; torture; coups; assassinations, and the failure to prevent 9/11.

The CIA and Hollywood Season 1 Digital Download

The first season of The CIA and Hollywood is now available as a digital download. This groundbreaking podcast series explores the relationship between the world’s largest intelligence agency – the CIA – and the world’s largest entertainment industry – Hollywood. In this first season we focus in on the CIA’s first Entertainment Liaison Officer Chase Brandon and his work on films like Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers, Charlie Wilson’s War, Enemy of the State and The Good Shepherd. We also cover other films that had CIA assistance such as Argo, and films that relate to this world like Wag the Dog and The Social Network.

For only £1.99 you get a convenient zip file containing:

* All 7 episodes in mp3 format, roughly 8 hours of material from what has already been called ‘a landmark in alternative media’.

* A high quality copy of the linkchart for the CIA and Hollywood season 1.

* A handy Guide to the whole season.

* Graphics from each show suitable for profile pics and desktop backgrounds.

* A selection of the core primary research documents that we used.

This is a great way to say thank you, to support the series and to help and encourage Pearse and Tom to continue producing the show. The zip file is 485MB and you can purchase it below:

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Secrets, Spies and 7/7

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Front Cover

On July 7th 2005 London suffered the worst terrorist attack in its history. Despite one of the largest police investigations ever to take place in Britain, to date not a single person has been found guilty for the atrocity that killed over 50 people.

Using unsealed court documents and declassified intelligence agency files Secrets, Spies and 7/7 takes you on a journey through the labyrinth of disinformation about the bombings. Drawing on over 7 years of research, Tom Secker shows how the official version of events, which blamed 4 British Muslim men, is a mess of contradictions, errors and fantasies.

This unique investigation also explores the ‘War on Terror’ context in which the attacks took place and shows how an alternative look at the evidence suggests some very different culprits to those blamed by the official story.

This book expands greatly on my two documentary films about 7/7 and features a lot of previously unseen material, including dozens of images and 50 pages of documents from the case.