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Pearse Redmond invited me back on his show again to talk about the black comedy film Four Lions, a British satire about jihadis.  It is a very funny film about a very serious topic that is recommended viewing for anyone and everyone.  It is by far the best War on Terror comedy ever made, and will probably remain so.  From PPR:

This week we are joined once again by our good friend Tom Secker to discuss one of Tom’s favorite movies, the black comedy Four Lions, which revolves around of group of young men living in Sheffield England who decide to become suicide bombers . If you have not seen the film than please go to the show notes and click on the link and watch it. It will blow you away and will make this conversation much more enjoyable. Me and Tom discuss the way the film deconstructs many of the familiar terrorism memes and cliches, and presents us with a side that we never ever see. We explore the many similarities between Four Lions and the 7/7 terror attacks, including the notion that the whole movie may be revolving around an MI5 operation. We round off the conversation by looking at how this film humanizes people who we would generally write off as fanatical murders.